Sound - Sets

Sound for event

Looking to rent a complete sound system for your event, gala or fashion show? Our sound sets are very powerful and produce clear sound at high volume. The use of a sound system for a performance by a DJ or band is therefore no problem at all. Are you organizing a gala dinner with a fashion show and an afterparty? Perfect! Simply have a look at how many people the sound system is suitable for and request it from us. Of course, our sound can also be used for a business event, such as a product launch or company party.

Sound for presentation

Communicating the message clearly and unambiguously- that’s what a presentation is all about and what presentation technology needs to take care of. Besides conveying the message to the visitors of the workshop or seminar, the sound system also ensures that the speaker can present pleasantly and without worry. With our audio-visual support or when renting a sound system, you can be sure that the audio will be crystal clear during a product launch or introduction. A presentation set rented from us - depending on the configuration – will always come with a sound set and wireless microphone.

Sound for meeting

Want to stop everyone from everyone talking through each other during a meeting or work meeting? Want to make sure that all the information discussed in the meeting comes across clearly? With a specially equipped sound system including gooseneck microphones will have all the audio support you need for your meeting room or break out. Meetings with a good sound set and gooseneck microphone become workshops to look forward to. Request a free quote for renting the right tech for meeting or consultation. Quick, easy and always with the necessary audiovisual support.

Sound for conference call

Remote meetings? With the right sound system, providing a high-quality conference call or online meeting is no longer an issue. Our audio support ensures crystal clear sound during the concall or meeting. We also offer audiovisual support for live streaming to the other party. This prevents noise and ensures clarity on both ends during the conference call or meeting. When renting a sound system for a concall or live stream from us, you are guaranteed only the highest quality for your meeting.

Sound for panel discussion

Organising a discussion with a panel or jury? With the right audio-visual tech, you can make sure that every member of your panel or jury can be heard incredibly clearly. As a result, visitors will be able to follow the panel discussion or seminar attentively, allowing qualitative questions to be asked. Sound installations like these, with gooseneck microphones, can also be used during a press conference, interview or workshop. The possibilities are endless. Renting such a sound set with accompanying microphone(s) is done quickly and easily via our online request form.

Sound for translation

Is a presentation or perhaps even the whole convention not taking place in English? Then renting translation technology is the solution. With the help of interpreters, visitors can still follow the conference in their own language via headphones. The interpreter takes care of the direct translation of the presentation. It is also possible to interpret a convention or conference into multiple languages. Visitors can choose their own translation or interpreter. This bi-lingual translation technology contributes to a positive conference experience and serves as a supplement to well-known conference technology, such as a sound system, wireless microphone, stage, projector and lighting.

Sound for guided tour

Presentation in a noisy room? Guided tour or museum tour of a location where no noise may be made? Then a whisper set or tour guide set will do the trick. This allows the speaker to make himself understood while maintaining a normal or soft volume. The audience follows the presentation via their own headphones. Each participant can adjust the sound to the desired volume. A whisper set can also be used by an interpreter to provide a translation. In this case, the translator will interpret the presentation via the wireless microphone. The translation can then be heard by the participants via the headphones.

Sound for communication

During an event it is important to continuously communicate with all involved technicians. By using an intercom system you can be in direct communication with direction crew, front of house (FOH), backstage crew or any other show crew. This makes it possible for the show caller or director to pass on cues and points of attention to the technicians during a convention or conference, so that they can adjust their operations accordingly. By renting comms, show calling can take place properly, resulting in a flawless show. Ideal for larger events where communication with the technicians via intercom or walkie-talkie is required.

Sound - Individual Rental Items


Do you know exactly which speakers you want to rent? Are you a sound engineer looking for a specific subwoofer or are you just looking for a complete active sound system? Look no further. We can provide you with a powerful sound system, P.A. or separate speakers. We provide audio with speakers made by the renowned brand QSC. A QSC sound system provides bass and treble sounds which are both clear and robust. This makes a sound set or P.A. with a subwoofer or top speaker from QSC ideal for a gala, fashion show, company party or afterparty.


Looking to rent a mixer or mixing board to take care of sound? Whether you need to connect a single microphone or a complete band, we offer a suitable mixer for every situation. Are you looking for a compact analogue mixer or mixing console to connect a microphone? That's possible. Looking for something more like a large digital mixer or analogue mixer to take care of a complete band? That is also possible. For both digital and analog, compact or extended and large or small you have come to the right place. You’re at the right address whether you need digital or analog, compact or expansive, large or small mixers.

Wireless Microphone

Would you rather not mess around with cables on the microphone? Do you want to have complete freedom of movement on stage? With a wireless microphone you can always go in all directions. We use wireless microphones from renowned brands Sennheiser and Shure. Whether it's a simple Evolution Wireless microphone or a more elaborate Shure Axient transmitter, we offer it. You can use a wireless handheld microphone, wireless headset microphone, wireless lapel microphone or Catchbox microphone. Not quite sure which microphone is suitable for your event? We will gladly provide you with free advice about renting the right microphone for your needs.


Choosing the right microphone can be quite difficult. There are so many kinds, each suitable for a specific purpose or instrument. The use of a microphone is essential for playing audio through any sound system. We offer microphones to amplify speech, vocals, drums, percussion, guitar, saxophone, trumpet and other instruments. This includes strings, horns and choirs. You can also choose to rent a microphone based on specific characteristics. This includes gooseneck, cardioid, condenser and overhead mics.


The use of stands is unavoidable when dealing with speaker and microphone placement. Konig & Meyer stands can be rented in many shapes and sizes, but are all designed for a specific purpose. You can opt for a robust tripod speaker stand, but also a more elegant single pole speaker stand. When dealing with microphone stands, you have the option of a vertical stand or a stand which an extra rod which allows you to adjust the horizontal position of the mic. To make things more complicated, you also have the option of a table stand. Are you unsure which microphone stand fits your needs? Contact us and we can help you out!

Audio Accessories

Looking for a product that doesn’t fit in any of the aforementioned categories? Find it here. We offer lots of specific sound and audio accessories. Are you looking for a lectern, pulpit, headphones or walkie-talkie? We’ve got it all. Need a D.I., balancer or battery powered speaker? Find them here. You’re also at the right address if you are looking for a specific audio interface, USB D.I. box or conference phone. Can't find the specific product you’re looking for? Feel free to contact us and ask us about the possibilities. We’re more than happy to help you find the perfect setup for your needs.

Choose your rental package

Dry Hire

Dry Hire is the cheapest option. This entails you picking up the materials yourself at one of our warehouses in Amsterdam or Breda. You will also need to return them at the end of the rental period. Our Amsterdam and Breda location is open on work days from 09:00-17:00. Is your event taking place during the weekend? No problem! Simply pick up the materials on Friday and return them on Monday with no extra cost. Our locations are both closed during the weekend.

Rental with delivery

Is your car not big enough, or do you simply not have time to pick up the materials yourself? No problem! For orders €125,- and above, we offer a transport service. The costs of this service depend on the delivery location. You can request the exact price of delivery using the shopping cart function. Delivery can take place during office hours or outside of office hours for a nominal fee. Have a look at our transport information for more info.

Rental with delivery and setup/breakdown

Do you want the sound system to also be set up and broken down for you? We offer this rental option just for that reason! Everything will be delivered ready to use for your event. After the event we will also come and break everything down for you. Have a look at our transport and setup/breakdown service. This option is possible by orders over €200,- Excl. VAT

Complete package with sound engineer

For larger events like conventions, you will want everything to be perfect. This includes any technical happenings during the event itself. We offer this complete rental package just for these situations. This set includes a sound engineer who will take care of everything for you. This option is offered on a request only asis. We would love to receive more information from you to make a fair price estimate.