Sound rental

Sound is crucial to all events. Think of a large party, drinks, business, presentation, a product launch or any other event. We will supply you with the perfect sound solution, no matter the occasion. You can rent an audio installation for smaller or bigger events. Are you organising an even larger event? Please contact us for a personal quotation.

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Sound System

Our sound systems for events, performances or parties. Select a sound system based on the number of people attending your event. Mixers, DJ mixers or other audio sources can easily be connected to all our sound systems.

Presentation System

A presentation system is used for speeches or background music. Select the ideal system based on the size of the expected audience. These sets are perfect for events, conferences and exhibitions, and come with a wireless microphone and mixer you can connect other audio sources to.

Sound Desk

The sound desk is the heart of your sound system. All incoming audio runs through it, before being distributed to the speakers. For small presentations or performances with a microphone and CD player, a small 10 channel mixer will be sufficient. Digital sound desks are more suited for the experienced audio technicians operating bands, conferences, business presentations and other performances using multiple audio sources.

Wireless Microphone

A wireless microphone can easily be connected to an audio mixer or sound system. You can choose between wireless hand microphones, lavalier microphones and headset microphones.


The characteristics of a microphone differ from type to type. Therefore, it’s important to choose the right microphone for the job. We can provide you with the perfect microphone for every occasion. Let us know if you need help selecting the right microphone.

Microphone Stand

We have a large variety of microphone stands, either with or without boom. A microphone stand with boom is often used at concerts and presentations. Singers, comedians and presenters that like to stand close to the microphone will likely choose for the stand with base.

Audio Accessories

DI boxes can be used for connecting your laptop or guitar to the sound desk.

Renting Audio

Sound system
Are you organising a party and looking for a sound system? You’re at the right address. Good sound is extremely important and we are happy to help you. A sound system is easy to choose based on how many guests you are expecting at your party. We have assembled standard sound systems for audiences ranging from 50-450 guests. Are you expecting more people at your party? Please request an estimate. All of our sound systems have a built in amplifier. This eliminates the need for an extra amplifier. Are you expecting a DJ at your party? Ask the DJ what kind of connector he wants with the sound system so that we can ensure it is delivered with your order.
Are you planning to play music from your telepone or laptop? Add a mixer to your rental.

Renting a sound system for a presentation
A speaker must be easy to understand. Good soun is essential for this reason. At HWC Events & Rental we use the top brand QSC Audio. Compact and crisp sound systems with built in amp modules. This means that you will not need extra devices such as individual amplifiers. These ready to use sets are available from 50-300 people and include a wireless microphone. Do you need an extra microphone? Simply add one to your order via our rental shop. Are you expecting more people during your presentation? Contact us for an estimate.

Renting a sound system for a conference
A conference requires a good audio setup. The speakers must be clear and easy to understand. Our soundsystems are extremely suited for these kinds of events. Are you looking for a complete sound system for a breakout session or a small plenary session? Then you can choose for one of our audio presentation sets. If you’re expecting more than 300 audience members or do you want us to take care of everything for you? Ask for an estimate! We are specialised in providing complete audio-visual packages for conferences in hotels and convention centres. If you order a complete package, we will provide you with a professional sound technician who will make sure that your presentation runs as smoothly as possible. Let us know what your needs are for your conference, convention, seminar, or workshop, and we will provide you with the correct audio visual solution.

Renting a sound system for a band or artist
Have you booked a band for your event? A good sound system is the next step. At HWC Events & Rental we can take care of the whole technical rider. Providing you with a complete audio installation, the right microphones, monitors, and mixing tables is no problem whatsoever. If you are renting a complete package, we will also provide you with a sound engineer. This will ensure a high level of mixing and amplication for the band or artist. We would appreciate knowing more about the wishes of the band or artist, so that we can provide you with the right materials. Contact
us for the right sound support.

Renting a sound system for a DJ
Have you booked a DJ for a party? Then you will want powerful, but clear sound. Our QSC sound systems are perfect for this. Our QSC speakers are compact with built in amplifiers, including limiters, and are very easy to install. This makes these sound systems perfect for DJs. Simply connect the DJ to the sound system and you’re instantly ready for a fantastic party. First time renting a DJ set from HWC Events & Rental? Ask the DJ which connections his/her DJ set has. This will ensure that every device can be connected to each other properly. It is very easy to rent a sound system based on how many audience members you’re expecting. Are you expecting more than 450 guests? Ask us for an estimate. Are you uncertain if you have all of the necessary DJ equipment? Check out our DJ gear page.

Renting a sound system for an outdoor event
Are you planning an outdoor event? There are some extra things to pay attention to when renting a sound system. Most audio equipment is not moisture resistant. Make sure that the audio equipment is shielded from any source of moisture. Have you also thought of a license for your event? You can’t just amplify sound outdoors without permission. Be sure to check what the decibel restriction is in your neighbourhood. This will allow us to advise which sound system will be suitable for your needs. The audience size indicator on our page is based on indoor events. For open air events you can multiply this by 1.5 or 2x. If you’re expecting 50 audience members, you should rent a sound system suited for 100 people. Make sure that you have enough electricity for your event. The power needs to be very stable to eliminate the chance of power failure or other problems.

Renting a wireless microphone
Most public speakers like being able to walk around the stage or around a space whilst speaking. A good wireless microphone is necessary. We offer four kinds of wireless microphones. The most popular model is the handheld wireless microphone. This wireless hand microphone is perfect for small or short presentations. Often, a comparable microphone is used for question and answer sessions with the audience. In studio or recording situations, a lapel mic is often popular. This microphone can be attached to an article of clothing, meaning that the microphone is totally hands free. Will the speaker be talking for a long time? Then a headset microphone is a good option. If you want to interact with your audience, the Catchbox is a fun and interesting option. This wireless microphone be thrown back and forth from speaker to speaker. This allows you to answer questions in a playful way, whilst also creating more interaction. It also eliminates the need to make your way through the audience, interrupting your presentation
to get to another location.

Renting a wireless sound system
In some locations it is impossible to have enough power for an amplified sound system. For these situations, we have sound systems which can function for 4 to 7 hours on battery power. This allows you present or play music without a power source. One wireless battery powered speaker is enough for a group of up to 50 people. It’s also possible to connect two speakers to each other, allowing you to amplify for a group of up to 80 people. A wireless microphone will be delivered with the wireless speaker. It is also possible to add another cabled mic to your order. You can also play music through your telephone or tablet in order to provide background music.

Choose your rental package

Dry Hire
Dry Hire is the cheapest option. This entails you picking up the materials yourself at one of our warehouses in Amsterdam or Breda. You will also need to return them at the end of the rental period. Our Amsterdam and Breda location is open on work days from 09:00-17:00. Is your event taking place during the weekend? No problem! Simply pick up the materials on Friday and return them on Monday with no extra cost. Our locations are both closed during the weekend.

Rental with delivery
Is your car not big enough, or do you simply not have time to pick up the materials yourself? No problem! For orders €125,- and above, we offer a transport service. The costs of this service depend on the delivery location. You can request the exact price of delivery using the shopping cart function. Delivery can take place during office hours or outside of office hours for a nominal fee. Have a look at our transport information for more info.

Rental with delivery and setup/breakdown
Do you want the sound system to also be set up and broken down for you? We offer this rental option just for that reason! Everything will be delivered ready to use for your event. After the event we will also come and break everything down for you. Have a look at our transport and setup/breakdown service. This option is possible by orders over €200,- Excl. VAT

Complete package with sound engineer
For larger events like conventions, you will want everything to be perfect. This includes any technical happenings during the event itself. We offer this complete rental package just for these situations. This set includes a sound engineer who will take care of everything for you. This option is offered on a request only asis. We would love to receive more information from you to make a fair price estimate.