Shure Axient Bodypack

Shure Axient Digital AD1 Bodypack Transmitter

Reliable belt pack transmitter for Shure Axient Digital wireless microphone systems. Very compact and lightweight for optimal comfort.

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Shure Axient Bodypack

Some events come with high expectations, meaning that nothing can be left to chance. Not only highly qualified technicians are needed, but also the most reliable gear. Through years of experience and development of older systems (UHF-R and ULX-D), Shure has developed a new flagship. By combining technology from older systems with modern technological possibilities, Shure Axient Digital was born. This system offers high signal stability, crystal clear audio, multifunctional hardware options, advanced connectivity, and even more extensive control. Everything your event needs to run smoothly from start to finish!

Because of the large number of possibilities, Axient Digital products are only suitable for use by professionals. Do you lack in-depth knowledge of wireless microphone systems? Then we do not recommend going for this system! Check out the more user-friendly Sennheiser systems instead.


With the increasing number of wireless devices, the number of wireless connections is also growing. More and more mobile transmissions and communications are ‘flying’ through the air, increasing the chance of failures and interference. However, the quality and stability of wireless microphones is still expected to be very high. In order to keep the quality at peak level, Axient Digital uses a very large bandwidth of 184 MHz (470-636 MHz). This makes it possible to use 17 transmitters per 6 MHz of bandwidth. When ‘High Density’ mode is on, it’s possible to use 47 transmitters.


Shure Axient Digital works fully digitally. This reduces the chance of failures and makes new settings possible. However, the digitalisation of these systems also makes them vulnerable to new problems. It is theoretically possibly to hack and listen remotely to these digital systems. Shure has used an AES256 encryption to make sure that this is not possible. This means that the system is completely safe to use even when discussing sensitive or confidential topics.


Our Shure AD1 transmitters come with the TA4M connection. Since not every microphone has this connection, you must make sure you have the right adaptor. When requested, we can deliver it to you. Make sure you request from your account manager on time.


Please keep in mind that you will need both a receiver(s) and a transmitter(s) in order for this system to function. This product only includes the Axient Digital wireless body pack transmitter. It does not include a microphone! In order to use this product you must order the microphone(s) you want as well as the corresponding receiver(s).

Tech specs

  • Brand


  • Model

    Axient Digital AD1

  • Purpose


  • Frequency

    470 - 636 Mhz

  • Type of mic


  • Channels


  • Battery Life

    8 uur

  • Type of battery

    2x AA

  • Connections


  • Max. SPL

    120 dB

  • Dimensions

    541 x 635 x 185 mm (W x D x H)

  • Weight

    0,142 kg



Keep in mind that this only includes the body pack transmitter. In order to make use of this product you will need both a microphone and a receiver.


Shure Axient Bodypack order

Reliable belt pack transmitter for Shure Axient Digital wireless microphone systems. Very compact and lightweight for optimal comfort.

€ 32.00 Excl. VAT