Lights rental

Want to rent lighting for your event? Light helps create the ambiance of events and are a fantastic way of decorating a venue. On this page, you can find an overview of our lighting equipment for your party, exhibition, fashion show, performance or conference.

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Wireless LED lights

Powerful LED lighting, without the need to run cables all over the venue. We offer a variety of superb wireless LED lighting for indoor and outdoor events. The wireless LED lights can be used to create ambiance, as architectural lighting, exhibition lighting or to illuminate a walkway.

Disco Party Light

Create the perfect ambiance for your party with these disco party lights. These disco lights will light up the dance floor, adding colour to your event. These light effects are great in combination with a lightset. From strobe to UV light and from moving head to laser, for all sort of event we have a great lighting solution.

Light Set

Select a complete party light set for your event or party. Perfect for groups up to 150 people. Are you expecting more people or do you need advice? Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

EXPO Lighting

EXPO lighting is the perfect option for illuminating an exhibition booth, building or other large objects. The floodlight spots will equally light every large surface. These are also often used for openings, ceremonies and promotional activities at offices, restaurants, hotels and other venues.

Stage Lighting

Make sure your stage and everybody on it are well-lit. You can choose from stage lighting as wash spots (Fresnel), profile spots or a follow spot.

Smoke Machine

Powerful smoke machines or hazer of the renowned brand Look Solutions. Fill the venue with a thick or thin layer of smoke.  The smoke will enhance the effects of any lasers or beams of light.

Lighting Accessories

Essential by organising the lighting for your event are items as a light stand or emergency lighting.

Renting Lighting

Lighting buildings
You’re at the correct address if you’re looking to illuminate a building, garden, artwork, or other large object. With our outdoor lighting, we can illuminate any object with coloured or white light. We have different kinds of spots available. This includes the HQI Floodlight, which is highly suited for lighting up gardens, facades, and open spaces. This spot can light up a large
surface area with even white light, can be used outside, and is simple to place and set up. On top of this, it’s possible to illuminate a building in colour. The wireless event spotlight is the item for you if this is what you require!This LED spotlight works on battery, and is IP65, making it suitable for use outdoors, even in the rain. This Astera AX10 Event Spotlight will provide high quality coloured light. Looking to cover a large surface area with colour? Then this LED Washlight is the best choice. You have complete control over the colours of this light. Lighting up large buildings or objects can be very useful as a marketing stunt, or during an event or opening. Curious about the possibilities for lighting your outdoor project? Select the desired products in our rental shop or contact us for an estimate.

Convention lighting and Stand lighting
On a day that many potential clients will be visiting your stand and products, you definitely want to be extremely visible! We have special convention lighting for rent especially for these days. Often, convention stands are lit up with even white light. HQI Floodlights are available if this is what you want. These lights are available in two different strenghts. The 150 watt variety is suitable for stands up to 3.5 m high. Is your stand higher? Then the 400 watt variety is a better option. These lights are also ideal for lighting up banners. Are you looking for a complete package with a construction, banner, and lighting? Look at our EXPO page. If you’re only looking for lighting for your event, everything can be found on this page. Would you prefer coloured lighting for your stand? Look at our LED washlight or Astera AX-10 Event Spotlight. Using these, you can easily create any desired colour for your stand. We can provide you with as much advice as you require. We have much experience, as we regularly provide lighting for conventions in locations such as: Amsterdam RAI, Jaarbeurs Utrecht, EXPO Houte, Event Hall Gorinchem, Event Hall Hardenberg, Ahoy Rotterdam, EXPO Antwerp, EXPO Brussels, and German Messe locations in Frankfurt, Berlin, Dusseldorf, and others.

Mood lighting
Lighting is one of the most important ways to create atmosphere at events. You can choose colours which fit with your theme, or with your company’s colours. We offer a large selection of lights in our rental shop, which you can use and combine to create the right atmosphere. This includes wireless uplight spots for dinners, drinks, conferences, or other events. At a more playful event, a string of fairy lights might be more suitable. Are you throwing a disco themed party? A disco ball might be just what you need! If you want to cover whole walls in colour, you might want to choose the LED Washlight or and Astera AX-10 Event spot. The Astera AX-1 Pixeltube will allow for the utmost creativity. This cylindrical light has a built in battery, and it can be placed almost anywhere. This light can be placed on a dining table or banisters, but can also be stood up at an entrance or on a stage. Creativitity is the only limiting factor.

Wireless Lighting
Are you tired of visible cables? HWC Events & Rental is one of the leaders in the wireless LED lighting market. As a rental partner of Astera, we can offer you the very best wireless lighting. Astera is the leading producer of wireless lighting. We offer, among other things, the Astera AX-1 wireless pixeltube. This versatile product is perfect for use at entrances, dinners, (cocktail)bars, but also as a creative object on a stage. The Astera AX-3 Light Drop is suitable for use on tables, but also as an LED spot with a sharp light beam (for lighting pillars). On top of this, the Light Drop can be attached to metal surfaces with magnets. A nice solution for stages, during conferences, or to illuminate a building. We also offer LED Uplights. These can be used to create atmosphere in your space. By placing these LED spots along pillars and walls, you can create a very special effect. All products can, if fully charged, work for up to 7 hours on one battery charge. Charging is very simple. You can choose your own colour for all of the spots. Would you rather we set the colour for you? No problem! Just let us know what your preferred colour is, and the spots will be ready in the right colour.

Stage and Theatre Lighting
An artist, presentor, or DJ must always be visible. Good stage lighting is essential during your event! In our rental shop you will find various theatre and stage spots. 50 or 130 watt LED fresnels or theatre spots are popular. These lights will create a warm glow on stage. With help from the included barn doors (shutters) you can choose to illuminate exactly what you want, whilst leaving other people or spaces in shadow. A profile spot can be used to light up a specific place or object. This spot allows you to choose very precisely what you illuminate. This profile spot is dimmable, if you rent a dimmer with it. For performances where a moving artist or dancing couple need to be lit up, a follow spot is perfect.

Party Lighting
The right lighting is essential for a succesful party. It is very important that you rent the right lights! A strobe is an example suitable for an EDM or house party. Specific UV lighting is needed for a blacklight party. On top of this, we also offer all kinds of light effects that can really be the cherry on top of the cake. It’s always nice to rent a few coloured spots to give a space a festive atmosphere. A smoke machine is often used as an addon with your rented party lights. The smoke allows light beams to really pop.

Project lighting and creative projects
Do you need lighting for a specific project? At special events such as a theatre performance, exhibits, or architectural lighting, you will need a good lighting plan! Our light department is happy to discuss the possibilities we offer. Of course, you can also come to us for light rentals for long term projects.

Light Rental Possibilities

Dry hire
Individual rental is the best deal when it comes to light rental. If you choose this option, you must pick up the lights yourself at one of our locations (Amsterdam or Breda) and return it after the event, on working days only. Our locations in Amsterdam and Breda are open Mon-Fri from 9:00-17:00. For weekend rentals you can pick up the lights on Friday and return them on Monday. You will only pay for the day(s) that you use the items.

Rental with transport
Are you unable to pick up the items in Amsterdam or Breda? No problem, we also deliver. During work days you can receive the items you need. We can also deliver outside of office hours for a nominal fee. Have a look here for more information about our transport service. Transport is possible on orders of €125 excl. VAT or more.

Rental with transport, setup and breakdown
A very complete package including delivery, setup and dismantle on location. This package is possible on order of €200,- excl. VAT or more. Take a look at our transport and delivery / dismantle information.

Rental with transport, setup/breakdown, and control
This is the total package. This means that transport, setup, breakdown, but also the controlling of devices will all be taken care of for you.Professional lighting technicians will control the devices for you, so that you are sure of an optimal result. We can not offer this package in the rental shop as it is personalised, so you must request a price estimate. We are more than happy to hear more about your event in order to offer you an estimate.