Wireless Moving Head

SGM G-1 Beam

The SGM G-1 Beam is a powerful wireless moving head for indoor and outdoor use. When fully charged, it can operate for up to 7 hours.

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Wireless Moving Head

This SGM G-1 Beam is the first moving head from a well-regarded brand that functions entirely wirelessly. Despite the powerful battery, this moving head is very compact and handy. This makes it very versatile: suitable for quick, easy, yet professional company events, TV recording, conferences, congresses, and any other event that requires a reliable, versatile, and above all quick to use product.

Light Source

The SGM G-1 Beam is a compact moving head containing a powerful 40 watt LED light source with a 50,000 hour life. This allows the G-1 Beam to deliver 53244 lux at a distance of up to 3 metres. This is unbelievably powerful for an LED armature of this size. Unlike other moving heads in its sector, the SGM-G1 Beam can function in the rain without it focusing on its sharp light bundle. This makes it a unique product. Gobos are displayed extremely clearly with this head’s characteristic sharp light bundle. This means that the gobo pattern is always clearly visible. All gobos can be used with the so-called ‘shake effect’. It’s possible to make the standard 2.8 degree aperture even smaller. Using the pseudo-zoom, you can create an aperture of just 0.3 degrees.


This wireless SGM G-1 moving head has not only a very quick pan and tilt, but also an endless pan movement option. This offers even more options when programming the device. The G-1 Beam also has a unique position preset program. This makes it possible to program up to nine internal pan/tile presets, which can then be combined with eight internal standalone programs.


The SGM-1 Beam can be controlled in various ways. You can of course connect this moving head to a lighting desk with a 5 pronged DMX cable. However, this doesn’t take advantage of any of the ease of use of a wireless system, so this method is probably not the preferred method. You can steer the moving head wireless using a lumen radio transmitter. For example, you could use the Asterabox from our rental assortment. You can control the head completely wirelessly by combining the Asterabox with Cuelux, for example. This makes a lightshow without electricity or cables a reality. It’s ideal for use in the TV and film industry, where lightshows often need to be produced quickly and at difficult locations.

Tips: You can use these wireless moving heads in combination with our Astera products such as the AX1, Titantube, AX3, AX5, and AX10 to create a completely wireless lightshow.


A moving head with an IP65 classification is already quite unique. However, the fact that it functions on battery makes the SGM G-1truly unique. It is very well made and possesses special internal dehumidification technology, to which this device owes its IP65 rating. The dehumidification technology ensures that smoke liquid, dust, dirt, pollution, and humidity have no lasting effect on the life expectancy of the moving head. This also means that the internal optics and gobos do not need to be cleaned. This makes this moving head ideal for long projects, outdoor use, or use in extreme conditions.


The battery life depends, of course, on the level of use. If you are using the lamp intensively, for example at a party or event, the battery life will last from 5 to 9 hours. If you are using the moving head moderately (dimmed/minimal movement), the battery can last from 12 to 14 hours. Remember to fully charge the moving head before use. As a rental company, we always do our best to deliver the moving heads fully charged. However, we do advise always connecting the device to the mains before use. This will allow you to get the maximum out of the battery capacity.

If you would like to charge the moving head during the rental period, please keep in mind that charging the device up to 75% takes between 8-12 hours, and to 100% takes between 12-16 hours.

Tech specs

  • Brand


  • Model

    G-1 Beam

  • Light Source

    White LED Source (6500K)

  • Lux

    3m: 53244 lux- 5m: 19168 lux -10m: 4792 lux

  • Lens

    2.8 degrees

  • Beam angle

    0.3 degrees (Aperture pseudo-zoom) – 2.8 degrees

  • Colour wheel

    14 colours+open

  • Number of Gobos


  • Strobe

    Ultra high-speed strobe effects

  • IP Classification


  • Standby use

    7 watts

  • Average use

    40 watts

  • Connections

    5-pin XLR input/out +TrueOne

  • DMX Channels


  • Protocols


  • Battery

    Lithium Ion battery

  • Battery life

    Non-stop: 7-9 hours – Average use 12-14 hours

  • Battery charge time

    100%: 12-16 hours – 75%: 8-12 hours

  • Light effect weight

    8.9 KG

  • Transport case weight

    14.0 KG

  • Moving Head Dimensions

    219 x 382 x 255 mm

  • Transport Case Dimensions

    300 x 700 x 560 mm (L x W x H)



This wireless moving head is suitable for use at many kinds of events, especially when there is little time for setup or breakdown, when cables aren’t an option, or when an event is taking place outdoors when weather is unpredictable. In short, this device is suitable for every event!


Charge the lights fully before use. The battery lasts up to 7 hours, but only if the moving head is fully charged. We always attempt to deliver the moving heads fully charged. However, we do recommend connecting them to the mains before using them at an event.


Wireless Moving Head order

The SGM G-1 Beam is a powerful wireless moving head for indoor and outdoor use. When fully charged, it can operate for up to 7 hours.

€ 55.00 Excl. VAT