Cuelux Lightingconsole

Cuecable + Laptop + Berhinger BCF 2000

Light controller for DMX operated light fixtures. Supports a maximum of 512 channels and 48 fixtures.

40.00 Excl. VAT

Cuelux Lightingconsole

Do you have experience controlling light effects using a lighting controller? Do you want to create a unique, complete lightshow? Then this Cuelux software is the perfect choice!


Cuelux is software made by Visual Productions, designed to control light effects using DMX. Cuelux is capable of controlling a maximum of 512 channels. This is enough for any small to medium sized show. The software is available for Mac OSX as well as for Windows, and is completely free to download. This makes it possible to prepare everything you need to for the show in advance, without even having the necessary hardware. A USB to DMX convertor cable from Visual Productions is required to control light effects. Cuelux is suitable for controlling LED, intelligent light, dimmers, lasers, and many other effects.

How it works

Cuelux is just like light control systems by other brands, based on the so-called cuelist system. A Cuelist consists of different light settings (cues). By playing these settings in the correct manner, you can create an entire show. The biggest advantage of this software is how simple it is to programme.

We do not advise using this software if you are inexperienced with these kinds of softwares. In order to use this product properly, you must have adequate knowledge of the armatures, DMX controlling, and programming of light controllers.

You can create a complete and unique lightshow with this complete package. Have a look at our large selection of products before choosing your lights. You will find many things in our rental shop, including (but not limited to): wireless LED spots, moving heads and stroboscopes.

Do you want to know if Cuelux is suitable for your specific event, or do you want more information about controlling light effects using DMX? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Tech specs

  • Brand

    Visual Productions

  • Model

    Cuecable DMX software interface

  • Input

    USB 2.0

  • Output

    XLR 3-pin

  • Number of fixtures


  • Number of channels


  • Weight

    5 KG

  • Dimensions

    400 x 288 x 168 mm (W x D x H)



We recommend only using Cuelux if you have knowledge and experience with lighting, DMX, and lighting controllers.

Cuelux Lightingconsole order

Light controller for DMX operated light fixtures. Supports a maximum of 512 channels and 48 fixtures.

€ 40.00 Excl. VAT