Pipe & Drape rental

Pipe & Drape is an ideal system to make large event venues seem smaller or to add to the atmosphere of the room. The system consists of horizontals, vertical uprights, bases, and backdrops. Pipe & Drape systems are often used for parties, shows, productions, conferences, and weddings. You can rent pipe & drape per running metre. Do you need one section of 20 metres? Then you add 20 meters to your quotation. Do you like to make 4 separate sections of 6 meters wide? Then you enter the number 24. Don’t forget to mention the exact length of the sections you like to make. For seperate there is more material required. Without specific information on your setup, we will tacitly assume that you like to make one large section.

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Pipe & Drape (per metre)

With Pipe & Drape, you can make your event venue seem smaller, or you can hide empty spaces from view. Pipe & Drape can also be used to create a delightful atmosphere, such as white Pipe & Drape for weddings or corporate events. The Pipe & Drape system comes in heights between 1.80 and 4.20 metres. All prices are per running metre.

Pipe & Drape (FOH set)

The Pipe & Drape FOH kit is used to cover all the cables and wires that run around the FOH control area. The system is flexible and can therefore easily be adjusted to the size of your FOH setup.

Pipe & Drape Parts

You can use Pipe & Drape systems as room divider or decoration at event venues. Many AV professionals use these systems. It works quickly and will result in a chic event venue in this short time. Sometimes AV professionals haven’t enough stock to complete the configuration. Therefore, it is also possible to rent the parts without massive costs.

Pipe and Drape Rental

Pipe & Drape; What is it and what can I use it for?
Pipe & Drape is a very versatile product. It is often used to make spaces more cozy or to create more atmosphere (for example an event in a warehouse or industrial space). You can also use it to make a space appear smaller, if the venue is too large. It can also be used as a sight/sound barrier between rooms. Pipe & Drape is extremely suitable for events, conferences, and conventions due to its compact size and the simplicity of the setup and breakdown.

How much Pipe & Drape do I need?
Pipe & Drape can be rented in our webshop per stretched metre. This means that you simply need to inform us how many metres you need. The height is irrelevent. Pipe & Drape is available in red, black, and white and can be set up from 1.8 to 4 metres high. Our LED drapes can be set up from 1.8 to 3 metres high. If it is impossible for you to calculate the stretched metres needed, for example if you need to create corners, squares, or other shapes, simply send your dimensions to us and we will make a price estimate for you. We are happy to help you.

Setup and Breakdown
Despite the fact that Pipe & Drape is a whole construction once set up, it is extremely easy to set up and take down. You simply fasten the orange pin (no tools necessary) to the ground plate. After that you place the vertical on top of the orange pin. Do you have two verticals? You can connect these with a horizontal. The drape can then be attached with velcro to the horizontal. Finally, you adjust the height of the verticals until the desired height is

Cleaning Pipe & Drape
Our Pipe & Drape curtains will always be delivered cleaned and folded. After use, please return the Pipe & Drape in the same state they were delivered in: cleaned and folded. This ensures that the next client can use the product. If the product unexpectedly gets dirty during your event, be aware that there will be extra fees for cleaning and the cost of making the drape impregnable.

Rental service packages

DIY- Do it Yourself
When Pipe & Drape is set up, it forms a large construction. During transport, however, it will fit in practically any personal vehicle (as long as the back seats can be folded down). During  transport, the horizontals and verticals are 1.8 metres long. The DIY option is the cheapest. If you choose this option, you pick up the materials at our office in either Amsterdam or Breda on working days from 0900-1700.

Would you rather have everything delivered to your location? No problem. You can make use of  our transport service on orders of 125 euros excl. VAT and over. You can add the transport option via our rental shop. Take a look at more information about our transport service.

Delivery, setup & breakdown
Do you want to let us set up your Pipe & Drape at your location? That is also a possibility! On orders of €200,- Excl. VAT or over, you can add the delivery, setup & breakdown to your shopping cart.