Pipe & Drape - Sets

Pipe & Drape Per Stretched Meter

Looking for a way to reduce the size of a room or screen off a wall during a convention, fair or conference? By using our pipe & drape system, you can tailor this wall or screen to the location. This modular system is easy to rent per stretched metre and can be provided with different cloths: black, white, red or with LED lighting. There are so many possibilities. The height is freely adjustable between the minimum being 1.80 meters and the maximum being 4.00 meters. Are you looking for a simple black pipe and drape or an attractive white pipe and drape setup from Wentex? You've come to the right place.

FOH Setup

As an audiovisual supplier, we see directing as the heart of tech. This is where all data is collected and sent to the right devices to create a flawless event. The front of house - abbreviated to FOH - is a gathering place for all of the cabling. In order to keep direction chic and presentable during events such as a business presentation, convention or seminar, we advise looking into renting this special Wentex pipe & drape construction. With a specific height of 120 cm, it is perfectly suited for concealing the front of house, equipped with sleek black cloths and ready for use. Select the right set based on the size of your FOH.

Booth Setup

Are you organising a networking party or introductory event? Unsure how to arrange it all? Then make use of our pipe & drape based booths. These booths are inexpensive and quick to install, provide the necessary privacy and have freely adjustable dimensions. This makes it possible to make the booths fit any location. These booths can be rented with high side walls for optimum privacy, but also with low walls for a more spacious feeling. You can also use this Wentex pipe and drape construction to create a voting booth or dressing room.

Pipe & Drape - Individual Rental Items


These uprights are essential for creating a construction. Regardless of the length, uprights are used to connect pipe and drape beams at the correct height. Specific Wentex uprights with a fixed height of 120 cm are available for creating a drape for the direction. Are you looking for an upright to create a dividing wall? Go for the extendable upright that you can be adjusted to between 180 and 420 cm high. You can also rent a pipe & drape stand with a length of between 150 and 250 cm especially for use as a light stand.


Do you want to conceal your wall using pipe & drape? Then the use of the right beams is essential. These beams are connected to the uprights, allowing them to be adjusted to any desired height. If you are looking to hire the right pipe and drape beam, then you have come to the right place. Our beams come with velcro, which makes attaching the fabric very easy. These horizontals are available from us in a version with an adjustable length of 90 to 120 cm, but also in a version that is adjustable between 180 and 300 cm. Each horizontal has a pin on both sides for the Wentex 4-way connector.


A pipe & drape system doesn't stand up on its own. The thin uprights and beams aren't very stable. For safe and stable installation, each upright must be connected to a weighted baseplate. This baseplate needs to be provided with a special orange pin to connect the upright. The steel baseplate is 45 by 45 cm and offers you the possibility to mount the pin in 3 different ways. This means that the baseplate always fits with the way you want to place the pipe and drape. You can rent any number of Wentex baseplates from us.


In pipe & drape constructions, the pin is an essential item. It may be the smallest, but it's also most important. It provides the connection between the baseplate and the Wentex upright. Without this pin, the system simply won't stay upright. Most configurations use the 10 cm long version. This offers sufficient stability for normal use with pipe and drape cloths. Would you like to use pipe and drape as a stand, for example, for placing spotlights? Then we recommend renting the 40 cm long pin. For the sake of safety during assembly and disassembly, these pins are bright orange, so they will stand out well if a stand has not yet been placed on top of the pin.


All the parts for creating a pipe & drape construction may be nice and all, but with the addition of the right cloth the result really becomes visible. Different canvases can be rented for different events and vibes. The most commonly used is the black Molton CS fabric. This is unpleated and ensures a sleek result. We also offer pleated variants, such as the white medium glossy satin fabric (MGS) or bordeaux red dimout fabric. For an especially atmospheric setting we offer starcloths with white LEDs embedded in them. Naturally, all of our Wentex pipe and drape cloths are fully impregnated and therefore fire retardant. This means that they are completely suitable for use during events.


Creating a straight dividing wall or screen along an ugly wall isn't very difficult. No special pipe & drape parts are needed for this. However, it may happen that less common constructions are needed to achieve the result you want. With the help of special accessories this all becomes possible. By renting a flexible adapter it is possible to connect one beam to another without the use of a upright. To connect beams at different levels to a upright, use the special angle bracket or angled bracket. Do you want to use pipe and drape as a light stand? Consider renting a T-Bar for lighting.

Pipe & Drape Rental Options 

Rent2Go - Pick up & Return yourself

The most affordable option for hiring pipe & drape. With this option you pick up and return the materials at our warehouse in Amsterdam or Breda. Please note that the minimum length of the uprights is 1.80 mtr. This may not fit in any car. Our rental locations are open on week days between 09:00 - 17:00. Material for the weekend can be picked up on Friday and returned on Monday.

Rent2Venue - Delivery and Pick Up Included

Pipe & Drape can be very bulky during transport. Not everybody has the means to transport this material. That's why we offer rent2venue. You can make use of this transport service when your order exceeds €125,- excl. VAT on rental material. Transport costs are determined based on the city where the material needs to be dropped off / picked up.

Rent2Event - Transport, with setup and dismantle service

Do you want to start your event stress free? This option includes transport, setup and dismantle. We offer this rental option of orders that exceed €200,- in rental material. Transport costs are calculated by city and setup & dismantle costs by quantity of material. For more information check our transportservice and setup & dismantle service information page.