Special Effects - Sets

Confetti Set

Are you looking for the right touch to start your event off with a bang? A confetti set guarantees a spectacular opening or unveiling. Special effects, such as confetti, allow you to stimulate multiple senses simultaneously. Your visitors will be talking about the product launch, the unveiling of a work of art or the opening of a new building for a long time! This confetti set is ready to use and already full of lots of multi-coloured bits of paper. We can also deliver these special effects filled with streamers or strips of paper instead of small bits of paper.

Drop Curtain Set

It goes without saying that you want your big reveal to be as spectacular as possible, whether you’re unveiling a new work of art or celebrating the opening of a new building. This is most effective if you can keep your visitors in the dark about what they’re about to see. Renting a drop cloth system is a great option for these kinds of events. This system drops a cloth automatically, suddenly revealing the object or building. This makes this set ideal for an opening, product launch or unveiling a new car. If you use this ready to use Kabuki system, you’ll be guaranteed to make a splash.

Special Effects - Individual Rental Items

Confetti FX

Confetti can add a lot of atmosphere to any event. The confetti shooters or cannons from Magic FX  will guarantee you reliable special effects for your event. Whether you’re looking for a compact all-rounder, such as the PowerShot, or need a more powerful effect such as the StadiumShot, you've come to the right place if you’re looking for reliable confetti cannons. We also supply everything you need to fill these shooters or cannons. You can purchase confetti, streamers and strips from us in a huge array of colours (which you can choose to mix), both in natural paper and metallic finishes.


Shooting streamers and confetti or dropping a cloth can’t be done without a good controller. Obviously reliability is of the essence at these kinds of events. We’re glad to say that we only use Magic FX products. No matter how reliable the product is, the controller of these products remains essential. That’s why we use reliable products such as the handy Effectivator 1 controller. If you want to rent a specific product such as an eye-catching red launch button, for your opening or unveiling, please contact us. The same goes for specific controller products such as the dimmer for a Magic FX Swirl Fan.

Smoke Machine

Using a smoke machine really helps make the light beams from light effects or moving heads stand out even better. The light beams reflect off of the very small smoke particles, making not only the reflection but the complete light beam visible. It’s amazing how spectacular smoke can make light effects look. You can rent a powerful smoke machine from us, such as the Look Viper NT. However, perhaps you are holding an event where are a thick plume of smoke is less desirable. This is often the case in places such as theatres. A light and barely visible mist or fog is much preferred there. Thankfully, we have the reliable Look Unique 2.1 hazer in stock for these kinds of settings. You can also purchase your Look smoke liquid from us.


A fan can be used for different purposes. Making a cloth wave indoors. Keeping a band or DJ cool enough onstage. Dispersing smoke from your smoke machine. There are so many ways to use a fan! If you’re looking for constant wind and good dispersion for keeping people cool, an industrial fan is ideal. If you’re looking for something powerful but focused (for dispersing smoke, for example), a DMX fan is more suitable for your purpose. This fan is remotely controllable via DMX, so you can easily control the spread of smoke.


Looking for a way to spectacularly drop a cloth at an opening or unveiling? The Magic FX drop cloth system is a reliable product which will help your product presentation or car unveiling go smoothly. The Magic FX Power Drop system can be used with both ringless cloths and cloths with pre-punched holes. Curtain clamps for ringless cloths will be included. In short, you can rent a complete and reliable kabuki system for any presentation or opening from us.

Special FX Accessories

If you want to shoot confetti, it’s important that you fill your confetti cannon or shooter with the right stuff! If confetti can’t be used at a certain location, then you’ll need to shoot streamers or strings. However, if you don’t want the streamer effect, you’ll have to use confetti. We offer all kinds of confetti and streamers, from bulk bags to pre-filled electric cannons. All of them are reliably manufactured by Magic FX. We also offer confetti and streamers in specific colours. Do you want to use specific paper or metallic confetti because of environmental concerns? No problem. Our confetti is always fire retardant and safe for use at events.

Transport, setup, breakdown, and control options

Self Pickup and Return

Do you want to rent the materials as cheaply as possible? This is the best option for you. You pick up the special effects yourself at one of our loctaions and return them after your event. When you pick them up, you will receive a short explanation about how the materials must be set up. Our Amsterdam and Breda location is open on work days between 09:00 and 17:00.


Would you prefer everything to be delivered to your location? That’s possible. Simply add transport to the shopping cart. Transport can be added to orders of €125 excl BTW and above. The delivery costs differ depending on your location and can be seen after filling your location in.

Delivery, setup and breakdown

Are you not technically inclined, or would you prefer a ready to use package? We offer the option to let your materials be set up by qualified personnel on orders of €200 Excl. BTW and above. This means all you have to do is hit the button during your event. Click on ‘transport, setup & breakdown’ in the shopping cart.

Complete package with transport, setup, breakdown, and control

This option is very attractive for larger events. The package includes a professional who will control the special effects for you during your event. This means that he will be on standby during the entire event to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Contact us for a price estimate.