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Truss - Sets

Truss Construction

Looking to rent a construction on which to hang lighting or decorations for your trade fair stand? We offer various truss constructions that are immediately ready to use - whether you are looking for a small goalpost, corner setup or square construction, or rather a large truss frame, such as an all-around, middle banner or hanging square. The possibilities for using hanging rigging or standing truss constructions are endless. Of course, all constructions can be completely adjusted to the desired dimensions for your event or stand space.

Exhibition Booth

Do you have the possibility to participate in a trade fair and would you like to rent your stand space as quickly and easily as possible? We offer various complete constructions including lighting that are ready for immediate use. Depending on the type of truss construction it is also possible to provide them with banners. Our sets come standard with sufficient lighting for high visibility for visitors at the trade show. Of course, the dimensions can be completely adjusted to the wishes of the client or available stand space.

Truss Circle

Have you had enough of the straight and angular truss shapes? Do you want something different for once? For a more subtle and atmospheric look you can use truss circles. This round truss is available in different diameters, such as 2, 3, 4 and 6 meters. You’ll always be able to choose the perfect truss circle for your event or location. Depending on the diameter these circles consist of 4 or 8 parts, which together form a complete circle. Of course it is also possible to use only a few parts of the circle as part of a decor. However, it’s only possible to rent a complete truss circle; renting only a few round truss parts is unfortunately not possible.


You can use banners to personalize a construction during an event or to decorate a booth during a convention. This allows you to not only use trusses for attaching lighting, but also as a tool for personal expression. Using special elastic bands it’s possible to attach a banner or multiple banners to the truss. These spanfixes are able to exert sufficient tension on the PVC banner, making the ad highly visible to visitors at a trade show. You won’t even have to worry about any wrinkles or folds.

Truss - Individual Rental Items

Single Tube

At some events or conventions you may need to install lighting in an exact location. Sadly, it’s not always possible to do this using truss. That’s why truss is often provided with a single tube. This single tube often functions as an outrigger; an outrigger tube is mounted transversely or longitudinally to the truss. You can also rent a single truss for bracing corner pieces. Outdoor constructions have to deal with wind force, which makes reinforcement with single tubes necessary. By using the aluminium tube as a brace, you relieve the pressure on the corner pieces, which mitigates any damage.

Ladder Truss

Truss is a very robust and reliable material, but it takes up a lot of space during transport and use. If your truss isn’t going to be loaded too heavily, you could consider using ladder truss. This truss has just 2 tubes instead of 4. This means that this deco truss takes up much less space, whilst also looking much slimmer. Usually this compact truss is used for decorative applications, such as creating a welcome arch or signage during conventions and other business events. Curious about whether Prolyte ladder truss is suitable for your event? Feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Square Truss

The versatility of these robust square truss materials is truly unprecedented. No event nowadays takes place without the use of this sturdy aluminium base. We make use of materials from market leader Prolyte. They developed the well-known H30V series. This truss can handle even higher loads than comparable series from other suppliers. We rent this Prolyte H30V truss in different lengths. We offer the complete range including 29, 50, 71, 100, 200 and 300 cm parts. You can also contact us for any necessary corner pieces, including the C003, C012, C016, C017, C020 and C024.


It’s quite commonplace to make use of a ground support or standing truss construction. This is logical, considering how cost efficient and risk-free it is. However, you can't just place upright trusses on the ground. It will not only damage the materials, the pressure also won’t be well distributed. The best solution is to rent a baseplate. You may only need it to distribute the pressure evenly. However, it also prevents the need for any extra stability or sturdiness. The use of heavy baseplates or even ballast blocks in outdoor constructions is quite common. By using a baseplate or ballast block you create a larger supporting surface and make the construction heavier.


When installing and disassembling truss constructions, safety is of the essence. Most accidents occur when building or dismantling a truss. Renting special truss lifts is essential when building a structure. A truss lift can support the structure during construction as well as helping with moving materials up and down. This wind up lift makes use of a winch, which makes it possible to lift heavy loads. For heavy and high constructions you can also make use of a so-called front loader, forklift or spoon lift, such as the Kuzar K-50. For smaller constructions a top loader, such as the Fantek T-101, will be sufficient.


Would you like to use the floor space as well and efficiently as possible during your event? Then a ground support or standing truss construction is not an option. These kinds of constructions on legs can also obstruct the view of the exhibition stand or stage. In these situations you can also choose to hang trusses on the roof of the event location. With the help of hoists, the truss is lifted to the desired height. A manual hoist is often used for this purpose. Rigging trusses by using a hoist is not entirely risk-free and should always be done by a professional. This way you can be sure that the rigging and accompanying hoists are mounted correctly and safely.


Some event locations aren’t particularly elegant in and of themselves. Maybe you just want to create a soothing backdrop for your presentation, or provide a room with improved acoustics. In all these cases, renting a backdrop is the best solution. This special backdrop can be used to conceal an ugly wall or to create a soothing backdrop. This cloth also dampens annoying reverb and also has a darkening effect. A flannel canvas is therefore very suitable for use during all kinds of events. Our backdrops are always impregnated and therefore certified for use during events.

Rigging Accessories

Besides all the basic necessities such as trusses, tubes, baseplates and hoists, there are also numerous accessories that may be needed in your specific situation. After all, every event is different and therefore the materials required also vary. This is all part of organizing your rigging. Every product, every load and every position will require different materials. Lucky for you you’re at the right address for all of your rigging accessory needs, including soft steels, shackles, lifting eyes and swivel couplers. We also offer special clamps, like an airwall track bracket, tent clamp or AlumaLOK. Never forget to order a grounding cable when working with truss.

Truss and Rigging: Rental Possibilities

Self Pickup and Return

The most budget friendly option for truss rental is to pick up and return the products yourself at one of our warehouses in Amsterdam or Breda. After making a reservation, you can pick your product(s) up in Amsterdam and Breda on work days between 09:00-17:00. Keep in mind that you will need some technical knowledge about truss in order to safely and properly build your truss construction. If you do not have this experience, we recommend using our setup and breakdown service, which you can find below.

Rental with Transport to the location

Truss is very bulky to transport. For orders of €125 excl. tax and over, we offer fairly priced transport to your location. This can be any location, such as your company HQ or a convention location in the Netherlands such as the Amsterdam RAI, Jaarbeurs Utrecht, EXPO Houten, Evenementenhal Hardenberg, Evenementenhal Gorinchem, Evenementenhal Venray, or Ahoy Rotterdam. We can also deliver to event locations in Germany or Belgium. You will see us regularly at the Messe Frankfurt, Friedrichshafen, Düsseldorf, Berlin or Essen, EXPO Brussels, EXPO Antwerp, or Flanders EXPO Ghent.

Rental with setup and breakdown

The most common rental method includes setup and breakdown, this option is available by orders over €200,- Excl. VAT. This means that your convention stand will be delivered and set up for you, completely ready to use. Have you also reserved technical products from us? Then your convention stand will be set up including the lighting, sound, video, or signs. You can add transport, setup & breakdown very easily by selecting it in the shopping cart. You can also contact us for a price estimate. We are happy to provide you with an offer for your convention stand.