Manual Hoist 1000 KG

Verlinde VHR Manual Hoist

A manual hoist with a loading weight of 1000 kg, 10 metres of chain and a chain bag. To suspend and hoist truss constructions, speakers and lighting.

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Manual Hoist 1000 KG

A manual hoist can be used for a wide variety of applications. Within the audiovisual industry it’s often used to suspend truss constructions, speakers and lighting. Theoretically, almost all audiovisual equipment can be suspended with the use of this manual hoist.

Are you planning to suspend equipment at an event venue? In that case we recommend to get a professional involved. Suspending material above a crowd is not without risks. The materials have to be 100% secured and have to have a fall protection.

Use of Manual Hoist

When is decided that material gets suspended at an event venue, it’s a must to get all the information on loading capacity, the positions and the load itself. Every venue has a different loading capacity and not all venues are suitable for rigging equipment.

For some venues it’s not feasible to suspend any equipment. Some venues charge you for every suspension point or have a dedicated rigging partner. Maybe the venue is too low for any rigging or maybe there is no skyworker available. All matters to bear in mind when it comes to rigging at a venue.

This manual hoist has a loading capacity of maximal 1000 KG. This means that the manual hoist is capable of handling this amount of static weight. The length of the chain is 10 meters, thus this manual hoist can only be used at venues with a ceiling no higher than 10 meters.

Manual Hoist at Exhibitions

You want to get your exhibition booth well lighted. For this the use of truss is essential. These robust construction materials give you the rig on which you can mount the lights to. To save precious ground space, often is opted for a suspended construction. This is easier said then done. Imagine if all exhibition booth holders would go about their own rigging. There wouldn’t be any control over weight and weight distribution. Thus the safety can no longer be guaranteed.

Therefore, when it comes to an exhibition, you have to check with the organiser about the possibilities and potential costs. To prepare your booth, drawings and calculations will have to be provided to the local rigging organisation. Of course we can help you with this part of the technical pre-production. Did you check our suspended truss frames already? For example the suspended truss beam or suspended truss carré.


The summary above says it all. There is a lot of technical knowhow needed to use or plan for manual hoists at venues. Therefore we don’t recommend to use the product when you have no audiovisual or rigging experience. However, you can make use of our setup and dismantle service to take away the hassle of hoist instalment.

Are you a rigging or audiovisual professional and are you also looking for rigging accessories for the manual hoist? Check our shackles, softsteels and lifting eye’s in our rental shop.

Tech specs

  • Brand


  • Model


  • Controlling


  • Length chain

    10 metres

  • Length hand-chain

    9.5 metres

  • Max carry weight

    1000 KG

  • Weight

    28.5 KG

  • Dimensions

    172 x 1515 x 376 mm (B x W x H)



Hoisting or using this product is for the professional only. There are strict guidelines and laws regarding rigging above crowds.

Additional Costs

Don't forget to account for a skyworker or manlift. This is needed to suspend the manual hoist.


Manual Hoist 1000 KG order

A manual hoist with a loading weight of 1000 kg, 10 metres of chain and a chain bag. To suspend and hoist truss constructions, speakers and lighting.

€ 20.00 Excl. VAT