Hire Period

By hire period we mean your day of use. You pick up the materials and return it the next working day. You only have to indicate the day of use in the shopping cart. Do you need the materials very early in the morning, or is there a build-up day that should be taken into account? Then only enter the day of use and indicate in the comments box of the shopping cart that you want to pick it up a day earlier. You will then receive the quotation by e-mail with an adjusted collection or return day, without us charging you extra.

If you return materials too late, the rental period will continue and you will receive an extra bill for this after the rental period. If you return too late, you cannot use the multi-day rental discount described below.

Multi-day Hire

Our multiple day discount will be automatically calculated by our shopping cart in our Rental Shop. The discount policy for long term rentals applied is as follows:

1 day dayrate x1 25-35 days dayrate x8
2 days dayrate x1,5 36-42 days dayrate x9
3 days dayrate x2 43-49 days dayrate x10
4 days dayrate x2,4 50-56 days dayrate x11
5 days dayrate x2,8 57-61 days dayrate x12
6 days dayrate x3 2-3 months dayrate x13
7 days dayrate x3,2 3-4 months dayrate x16
8 days dayrate x3,4 4-5 months dayrate x19
9 days dayrate x3,8 5-6 months dayrate x22
10 days dayrate x4,2 6-7 months dayrate x25
11 days dayrate x4,6 7-8 months dayrate x28
12 days dayrate x5 8-9 months dayrate x31
13 days dayrate x5,4 9-10 months dayrate x34
14 days dayrate x5,8 10-11 months dayrate x37
15-21 days dayrate x6 11-12 months dayrate x37
22-28 days dayrate x7 1 year dayrate x44

Weekend Hire

Do you want to rent equipment for a weekend day? No problem. Weekend rentals can be picked up or delivered on Friday and returned or picked up on Monday. Our branches are closed on weekends.

You only pay for your day of use. You do not pay extra for the fact that we are closed at the weekend. Do you use the rental shop and do you want to rent a day at the weekend? Then only enter the day of use with your application.