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Backdrop - Sets

Pipe & Drape

Looking for an affordable way to create a background at a presentation, convention or seminar? Pipe & drape might be a good option. As this décor only makes use of items from our rental selection, you can create and adjust affordably. The length and height of our pipe & drape systems are also fully adjustable, up to a height of 4 metres. This means that you can customise pipe & drape to create to work with any wall and to create any kind of backdrop. We can offer you pipe & drape décor in black, white, red or even using a star drape. You can come to us to rent a backdrop which will fit the look of any kind of event.

Graphic Frame

Do you want to create a backdrop or back wall for an event without blowing your entire event’s budget on a personalised décor? An AluVision frame might be the right solution for you. This combines the financial advantages of rental with the personalised aspects of a custom design. The construction is created using AluVision frames from the rental shop. This means that the construction has system walls and an attractive, affordable price. By adding a printed textile canvas or stickers on panels from our rental shop, you can completely personalise your backdrop or back wall. Any dimensions are possible, including three dimensional designs.

Wooden Constructions

Do you have a specific idea in mind for your event’s décor, or do you want to use specific shapes and designs to make sure your décor matches your event perfectly? Then wooden constructions are your best friend. Wooden constructions allow you to design a backdrop or back wall completely according to your own wishes. There aren’t really any limitations. 2D or 3D? No problem. Combining square and round constructions? Fine! Personalising with stickers, banners and textile? Of course! We said no limitations, right? Since the construction is done using wood, any dimensions and shapes are possible. Wood is a great material which is easy to work with. Since these kinds of decors are often fully personalised, they’re often a bit more expensive than decors which can be created using exclusively rented materials.

LED Wall

Technology moves fast. This includes materials used when constructing a décor. By renting LED tiles, you can create a fully digital décor- a so-called LED wall. This is comparable with a canvas which you can fill with your own digital content. This includes PowerPoint presentations, videos, backgrounds, etc. The possibilities are endless. A big advantage is that the dimensions of an LED wall are completely adjustable according to your wishes or the possibilities on location. An LED wall doesn’t even need to be straight- it can be placed in a curve or circle for a friendlier look.

Backdrop - Individual Rental Items

Pipe & Drape

Are you looking for a simple, chic back wall for your event? Have you already spent most of your budget on other things? Pipe & drape is perfect for you! A backdrop or back wall created using pipe & drape is very budget-friendly. As pipe & drape only makes use of materials from the rental shop, we can offer it at a low price. The system is also adjustable in both width and height, with a minimum height of 1.8 metres and a maximum height of 4 metres. There are no limits in terms of width. We offer pipe & drape in several colours: black, white, burgundy and star drape. It’s an ideal solution if you’re looking to rent chic, affordable décor.

Graphic Frame

Other than the speaker onstage and any screens, the décor is what audience members look at the most during a convention or seminar. It’s logical that you’d want to make this as neat and attractive as possible. However, custom work is always pricey. Personalising materials for one-time use is much more expensive than renting materials. That’s why it might be advisable to make use of AluVision panels. These offer the possibility of creating a backdrop out of frames or system walls for an affordable price. These are also fully customisable- just use a printed textile canvas or PVC stickers. This allows you to create the perfect décor for your event without spending your entire budget on it.

Wooden Constructions

Do you want to create your own décor with special shapes like circles or ovals, or perhaps shapes which correspond to your organisation or event logo? Then you’ll need to make use of wooden constructions. Wood is easy to work with and makes it possible to create an exact décor, exactly as you imagine it. Once the final product is complete, you won’t even be able to notice any of the wooden construction itself. The backdrop will always be beautifully finished. The finishing options are also numerous. You can choose for a smooth, evenly painted finish, or if you prefer you can go for a printed design on PVC or tarp. You can also sticker the walls after completion, or choose to integrate tech such as a projection screen or LED wall.

LED Wall

Nowadays, you can do a lot with your own content. PowerPoint used to be cutting edge, but today it’s just one of many possibilities. Clips, camera captures and presentations can all be used together and alternating between them is quick and easy. It’s important to create a total experience, seeing as how important it is to leave an unforgettable impression. A ‘normal’ projection screen or video wall simply don’t always cut it anymore. An LED wall is a much better option- a screen which you can set up and partition exactly how you want it. The dimensions, shape and placement of content is completely up to you. Combining an LED wall with a décor, backdrop or back wall made of wood are all great possibilities.

Backdrop - Service Levels

Full Service

A backdrop is one of the few products we can only offer with our full service package. This package consists out of transport, setup and dismantle. For the LED wall options there will also be technical crew on site during the event. This is not included in the price yet, we recommend to ask for a custom quotation for your project. This page with it's products is meant as a price indication for your event. Contact us to get a custom quote for your event.