LED Wall P3.9 – 10 x 3 Meters

ROE Black Pearl 3.9

Sturdy LED wall for larger events with a pitch of 3.9. Guaranteed visibility with an area of 30m2.

11,000.00 Excl. VAT

LED Wall P3.9 – 10 x 3 Meters

Are you looking for a very large screen or do you want to customize the backdrop during a conference? Then there’s only one solution; an LED wall. With such a large screen you aren’t only flexible in terms of the dimensions- you can also adjust the aspect ratio to suit your needs.

How does an LED wall work?

A complete LED wall is created using several small panels, known as tiles. These panels have a size of 50×50 cm, but by connecting these panels you can create a complete wall. Think of the separate panels kind of like puzzle pieces. This LED wall is made out of 120 tiles. There are 20 in the width and 6 in the height. This creates a screen of 30m-10 meters wide and 3 meters high. We can also provide you with a smaller wall measuring 6 x 3 meters. Of course, these are only examples of what’s possible and such screens will always be made to measure. Depending on the location and the size and location of the audience, a specific plan will be made for each event.


Not only the overall dimensions of the LED wall need to be taken into account- the pitch is also an important factor. The pitch is the distance between the pixels expressed in millimetres. A LED wall with a lower pitch therefore has a higher resolution. A higher resolution screen will be able to display higher level of detail. This is perfect when the audience is  going to be seated close to the screen. From further away, these details are imperceptible and you lose this advantage.

In terms of finances, a very low pitch is also not always the best option. An LED wall with a lower pitch will always have a higher price. This LED wall has a pitch of 3.9. This means that the audience will no longer be able to distinguish the individual pixels from 4 meters away. With a stage between the LED wall and the audience, this distance is easily reached and a lower pitch won’t be necessary.

Standing or hanging LED wall

We’re not quite there yet- once you have determined the desired dimensions and the right pitch for your LED wall, you also have to make choices regarding the mounting. You can build an LED wall which stands on the ground. This set up is also referred to as ‘stacked’. In this case, you place the LED wall on the ground or on an elevation. Gravity does the rest. We will provide the back of the LED wall with a special frame to provide it with the necessary strength. Of course, the audience won’t see any of this in the end.

Is it not possible to set the LED wall up on the ground or can the LED wall not reach high enough? Then you can also opt for suspended mounting. In this case, the LED wall is hung on a truss which is attached to the ceiling of the location. There are a number of points to take into account. Because of the high weight of a complete LED wall, both the truss and the final load on the ceiling of the location should be subjected to a qualitative construction calculation. The truss materials and the ceiling have to be able to carry the load.

Want to know more?

There isn’t actually a standard format for an LED wall. The dimensions, ratio and price are always adapted to the number of visitors, possibilities on location and wishes of the client. Would you like to know what the possibilities are for your location or event and the corresponding price? Feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities and receive a price quote.

Tech specs

  • Brand


  • Model

    Black Pearl 3.9

  • Pitch

    3.91 mm

  • Wattage (per LED Tile)

    160 Watts (max)

  • Brightness

    1500 NIT

  • Viewing Angle

    140 degrees

  • Maximum Stacking

    8 Tiles

  • Maximum Hanging

    20 Tiles

  • Weight LED Tile

    8.7 KG

  • Dimensions LED Tile

    50 x 50 x 9 cm (W x H x D)



Theoretically you can create any size of LED wall with these LED tiles. However, there are physical limitations. Built from the ground up you can make this version up to 8 tiles high. If it is being hung from truss, the wall can be up to 20 tiles high.


Do you want to display content full screen? Then take the LED wall's aspect ratio into account. Not sure of the right resolution? Please contact us to discuss the details.


LED Wall P3.9 – 10 x 3 Meters order

Sturdy LED wall for larger events with a pitch of 3.9. Guaranteed visibility with an area of 30m2.

€ 11,000.00 Excl. VAT