LED Wall P2.8 – 6 x 3 Meters

ROE Black Onyx 2.8

6 meter wide by 3 meter high LED wall with small pixel spacing. Ideal for smaller conventions and conferences, where the audience sits close to the screen.

9,000.00 Excl. VAT

LED Wall P2.8 – 6 x 3 Meters

When using a large TV screen or video wall, you are limited by the size of the screen(s). There are no options for creating a specific size at all. This makes it difficult to make such a screen fully compatible with the stage or to incorporate it into a decor. An LED wall is a great solution. You can compare this wall with a large empty canvas. You can adjust the size of the canvas as you wish and decide for yourself what content should be displayed on it during a conference or convention. This LED wall is 6 meters wide and 3 meters high, but as we mentioned before, all kinds of dimensions are possible.

How does an LED wall work?

An LED wall is made up of different panels, also called tiles. These are 0.5 x 0.5 meters in size. These individual tiles are attached to each other like a kind of puzzle. This makes it possible to create a whole that can have dimensions any multiple of a whole or half meter. This LED wall is made out of 72 individual LED tiles. By placing 24 tiles horizontally and 6 vertically, you will create a wall of 6 x 3 meters, but we can also provide you with a larger version.

As we mentioned before, you can also adjust the shape of the screen completely according to your own wishes. Often a very wide screen is chosen, because this gives the most visibility during an event, but you can also choose to create multiple narrow and high screens or even square constructions. The possibilities are endless. The only limit is your creativity.


When using a TV or video wall you won’t have to deal with this, but you will when using an LED wall. Maybe you’ve already noticed this. If you look at a TV screen from very close, you will see small boxes that each take on their own colour. The distance between these boxes is called the ‘pitch’. With a TV or video wall this distance is not important. The pixels are so close together that at a viewing distance of just one meter, you can no longer distinguish individual pixels. With an LED wall, these pixels are further apart, which affects the viewing distance. You don’t want the audience to be able to distinguish the independent pixels, after all! This will negatively impact the quality of your event. This LED wall has pixels which are positioned 2.8 mm apart from each other, meaning it has a pitch of 2.8. For an LED wall, this pixel density per square meter is very high. The audience only needs to be positioned 3 meters away from the screen in order to enjoy a high quality viewing experience. From this distance, the independent pixels are indistinguishable from each other.

Want to know more?

In most cases, the use of an LED wall at an event involves customisation. Sometimes it involves creating specific dimensions so that it can be integrated into the decor. Other times it has to do with the dimensions and possibilities of the location. This price gives an indication of the costs for an LED wall, but your location’s possibilities as well as any wishes regarding controlling will cause fluctuations in price. Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss the possibilities for your event. We will be happy to provide you with advice and a price quote without any obligation.

Tech specs

  • Brand


  • Model

    Black Onyx 2.8

  • Pitch

    2.84 mm

  • Wattage (per LED Tile)

    160 Watts (max)

  • Brightness

    1800 NIT

  • Viewing Angle

    140 degrees

  • Maximum Stacking

    12 Tiles

  • Maximum Hanging

    20 Tiles

  • Weight LED Tile

    9.4 KG

  • Dimensions LED Tile

    50 x 50 x 9 cm (W x H x D)



The dimensions of the LED wall can of course be adjusted according to your wishes, but this will of course affect the materials which must be delivered.


To integrate an LED wall into a complete event often requires more than just a large screen. We are happy to discuss the possibilities for your event.


LED Wall P2.8 – 6 x 3 Meters order

6 meter wide by 3 meter high LED wall with small pixel spacing. Ideal for smaller conventions and conferences, where the audience sits close to the screen.

€ 9,000.00 Excl. VAT