Pipe & Drape White

White Pipe & Drape System (per running metre)

Elegant white separation or decorative wall, perfect for high-end events or weddings.

25.00 Excl. VAT

Pipe & Drape White

Do you want to screen off part of your space? Our Pipe & Drape systems are ideal to create a
divide in your space. You can use this system to section off a large room or to hide an unsightly
wall, for example.

The system consists of horizontals and verticals made up of individual pipes. Pipe & Drape systems
can be used from heights of 1.8 metres up to 4 metres. The horizontals have a minimum length of
1.8 metres and a maximum length of 3 metres, depending on whether it is collapsed or expanded.
The fabric is attached to the horizontal using velcro. This system is very stable due to the
floor plates which weigh 8 KG each. We rent out this black Wentex system per stretched metre.

We use white Molton GS (glossy satin) drapes. This material is impregnable and fire retardant.
This white Medium Glossy Satin drape is very chic, as well as being sound-dampening, making
it suitable for use as a sound shield.

Are you looking for a wall for in a corner? That’s possible! Our modules can be placed in different
kinds of spaces. Due to the fact that the system consists of horizontals and verticals (like
a clothes rack), the system is very compact for transport.

Multiple sections or one large section?
You can rent pipe & drape per running metre. Do you need one section of 20 metres? Then you simply enter 20 meters to your quotation. Do you like to make 4 separate sections of 6 meters wide? Then you enter the number 24. Don’t forget to mention the exact length of the sections you like to make. For seperate there is more material required. Without specific information on your setup, we will tacitly assume that you like to make one large section.

Tech specs

  • Brand/Model


  • Vertical model

    Telescopic Upright 3-way 180 - 420

  • Horizontal model

    Telescopic Drape Support 180 - 300

  • Baseplate model

    Baseplate 45 x 45 x 0,5 cm - 8 KG

  • Minimum length

    2.00 metres

  • Minimum height

    1.80 metres

  • Maximum height

    4.00 metres

  • Drape model

    Medium Glossy Satin

  • Drape colour


  • Vertical weight

    4 KG

  • Horizontal weight

    3 KG

  • Baseplate weight

    8 KG



We supply white Molton CS drapes. These are impregnable and fire retardant. We have certifications available upon request.


Pipe & Drape systems are sadly unsuited for outdoor use. They are not built to resist wind.


Pipe & Drape White order

Elegant white separation or decorative wall, perfect for high-end events or weddings.

€ 25.00 Excl. VAT