LED Wall P3.9 – 6 x 3 meters

ROE Black Pearl 3.9

Especially suitable for events where the audience is a little further away from the screen. Complete 18m2 LED wall with a pixel spacing of 3.9 mm.

7,000.00 Excl. VAT

LED Wall P3.9 – 6 x 3 meters

When organizing a business event, such as a conference or seminar, a TV, projector or video wall is not always the perfect way to display content. For example, the size of these options may not be suitable with regard to the decor, the number of visitors present or the location. In these cases, we recommend considering the use of a LED wall. This makes it possible to adjust the dimensions of the screen according to your own wishes. This allows you to place a LED wall across the entire width of a space for peak visibility, whilst also having it be seamlessly integrated with the decor.

How does an LED wall work?

The dimensions of a LED wall are adaptable as the wall is made up of separate panels. These panels measure 50 by 50 cm, which makes it possible to create a large screen to your own liking. By connecting the right number of tiles in width and height, a screen with your desired dimensions can be created. This particular LED wall is created with 72 panels. Of these, 12 will be placed in the width and 6 in the height. This creates a wall of 6 meters wide and 3 meters high. You can also contact us for a larger version which measure 10 by 3 meters.

The dimensions of this LED wall are just one example of what can be created. Do you want a screen that fills the entire width of the room? That’s possible. Do you want a screen that is divided into several sections? No problem! Are you looking for different separate screens, so you can work with different depths? Also possible! You are completely free to create a screen that fits the best with the location, the decor and your wishes.


A specific piece of information which is very important when using LED walls. Unlike with a TV, projector or video wall, when using an LED wall you also have to take the distance between the pixels into account- this is referred to as the ‘pitch’. This is the distance (expressed in millimetres) from the centre of a pixel to the center of the adjacent pixel. A LED wall with a lower pitch therefore has a higher resolution. This ultimately has an impact on the quality of the viewing experience when viewed from a short distance. The greater the pixel distance, the further the audience has to be positioned away from the screen in order for the independent pixels to not be distinguishable. This LED wall has a pitch of 3.9. From about 4 meters away, the audience can no longer distinguish the individual pixels.

You might think that a screen with lower pitch is always the best option. More pixels = higher quality and therefore a better  experience. However, this isn’t always the case. When the viewers are further away from a LED wall, the screen loses its advantage. The very fine details – which are displayed due to the high pixel density – are no longer perceptible to the human eye from afar. This means that a lower pitch does not always offer visual benefits.

A LED wall with a low pitch isn’t always attractive from a financial standpoint either. LED tiles with a lower pitch are more expensive. After all, there are more LEDs per panel, which results in a higher rental price. In addition to the higher rental price, a higher resolution also has consequences for the control of the LED wall. The more pixels that need to be controlled, the more equipment (and therefore labour) will be needed.

Want to know more?

There are no standard dimensions for a LED wall. When using such equipment, we always look at the desired dimensions for the audience and location. With this product, customisation will be necessary in order to achieve the best result. The possibilities at the location can also cause fluctuations in price. Would you like more information about the use and cost of a LED wall at your event? Feel free to contact us for advice or a price quote.

Tech specs

  • Brand


  • Model

    Black Pearl 3.9

  • Pitch

    3.91 mm

  • Wattage (per LED Tile)

    160 Watts (max)

  • Brightness

    1500 NIT

  • Viewing Angle

    140 degrees

  • Maximum Stacking

    8 Tiles

  • Maximum Hanging

    20 Tiles

  • Weight LED Tile

    8.7 KG

  • Dimensions LED Tile

    50 x 50 x 9 cm (W x H x D)



This is just one example of what can be created with these LED tiles. Please do not hesitate to contact us for the possibilities for your LED wall.


Since an LED wall is made up of separate tiles, the aspect ratio is often different from a normal video or PowerPoint presentation. When creating the content, it's important to take the proportions of the video wall into account.


LED Wall P3.9 – 6 x 3 meters order

Especially suitable for events where the audience is a little further away from the screen. Complete 18m2 LED wall with a pixel spacing of 3.9 mm.

€ 7,000.00 Excl. VAT