Stage rental

Whether you are organising a party, event, product launch, presentation, fashion show or exhibition, a good stage or catwalk is a true necessity. You can combine our products to create a stage or catwalk that fulfils all of your wishes. We also have professional and convenient ready-to-use stage sets and catwalks for you.

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Choose the stage size you need. Each stage set has a height of 40 cm and comes with stage stairs. The front and sides of the stage come with stage skirts. These stage sets can easily be expanded and customised to your wishes.


We also provide complete catwalk sets. Each catwalk has a height of 40 cm and comes with stage skirts to prevent your audience from looking under the stage. Every catwalk set is customisable.

Stage Deck

Expand your stage or catwalk with these stage decks. All these parts are from the Prolyte StageDex Basicline Series and can easily be combined with each other. If you need any advice, please get in touch with us. We’d be happy to help!

Stage Legs

All stage legs come from the Prolyte StageDex Series and can be combined with the stage decks above. The stage legs are made of lightweight aluminium and are available in different heights, from 20 cm up to 100 cm. Each stage deck requires four stage legs.

Stage Steps

Stage stairs help you make a good entrance and make it easier to climb the stage or catwalk. Create the perfect stage stairs by combining stage steps of different heights. Each step is 100 cm wide and can easily be attached to other steps.

Stage Drape

Make sure your audience doesn’t look under the stage. Use stage drape to block their view. Stage skirts are available for every type of stage and catwalk and are rented per running metre.

Stage Carpet

Stage carpet gives your stage or catwalk a clean and elegant look. The carpet tiles measure 50 x 50 cm and are rented per square metre. If you want to rent stage carpet in a colour other than black, blue or red please get in touch with us.


A lectern is often used during openings, ceremonies and speeches. The white glossy paint ensures that the lectern fits nicely on every stage.

Renting a stage

Renting a Complete stage
Do you want to quickly and easily rent a ready to use stage? We have many kinds available. It is also possible to put together your own stage. This allows you to always have the perfect stage for your event. Our stages are available for rent in small and large sizes. The height is always adjustable. You can also choose different finishing touches for your stage. Take a look at our ready to use stages: 4m2, 12m2, and 24m2.

Renting a Catwalk
A catwalk can be ideal for a fashion show, performance, or product launch. The head and walkway of the catwalk can be customised, not only in dimensions, but also in finish. This allows you to completely adjust the catwalk to your needs. We have three different catwalk packages to allow you to quickly and easily rent a catwalk. The ready to use packages are available as: small catwalk, medium catwalk, and large catwalk. The dimensions and specifications are listed on the product pages.

Create your own stage
You can easily create your own stage in our rental shop. This means you will have complete control over the dimensions and and shape of your stage. You will also be able to adjust the height and finish. Adding carpet, stage skirts, or stairs can give your stage a completely different look. We also offer various services, including delivery, setup & breakdown.

Stage Height
You can adjust the height of your stage by 20cm increments. It’s possible to rent stages which are 20, 40, 60, 80, or 100 cm high. You can determine the height of your stage based on the size of your space. The larger the space, the higher your stage must be. Is your audience going to sit or stand? A standing audience will require a higher stage than a seated audience.

Stage steps
You can easily create stage steps according to the height or your stage. Stage steps are built up of 20 cm pieces. If your stage is 60 cm high, you will need 3 step pieces. You will need to rent a 20, 40, and 60 cm piece. These pieces are easily fastened to each other and to the stage.

Stage Skirt
To create the right image at your event, it’s important to choose the right finishing touches. To make sure that the underside of the stage and all the technical equipment and wires are hidden, you will need to rent a stage skirt. This will mean that the sides of your stage are covered by black fabric. This will create a very clean appearance and will prevent your audience from being able to see under the stage. You can rent these stage skirts for every stage height. You can rent them per stretched metre in our rental shop.

Stage Carpet
Our stage pieces come standard with a black top layer. This already creates a cleaner look than the standard wood coloured stage parts. For a really professional look, you can choose to carpet your stage. This is very easy to add to your order via our rental shop. You can choose between anthracite, blue, or red carpet. Would you prefer another colour? Contact us for the possibilities.

Are you giving a speech or reading? Then you may need a lectern on your stage. We offer a white glossy lectern on which a lectern microphone can be mounted. This lectern sadly does not fit in personal vehicles, so we recommend picking it up or getting it delivered with a rental van.

Service Level Stage Rental

Rent: Pick up and Return
Small budget? You can pick up your materials at one of our locations in Amsterdam or Breda. Our Amsterdam and Breda location is open from 09:00-17:00 on works days. Keep in mind that stage transport is only possible in large vans or trailers. Stages are very easy to set up and break down.

Rent: Delivery to your location
Do you want to get the stage delivered to your location? That’s possible by using our transport service. This service is available for orders of €125 excl. tax and above. The transport costs differ per location. You can calculate the costs easily via our rental shop. Reservations for the weekend will be delivered on Friday and picked up on Monday. This option will still save you the setup and breakdown costs.

Rent: Delivery with setup and breakdown
Do you want everything to be delivered ready to use? No problem. By choosing this option, you will ensure that everything is set up and broken down for you. You can choose this by adding ‘setup and breakdown’ in the shopping cart next to ‘transport’. This option is available on orders of €200 and above. The costs differ depending on your location, and the amount of material.