Stage - Sets


Are you looking to rent a complete stage for a party, presentation or product launch? Look no further. We offer complete stages for all kinds of events, fully equipped with all necessary accessories for an attractive result. Our stages are ideal for use during business events, such as a congress or trade fair, and they’re available in various heights and are therefore perfectly suited to any event. The elements included in these sets are immediately ready to use. No options for transporting a stage? Make use of our transport service. Want something custom made? Feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities.


When organizing a fashion show, a catwalk is absolutely essential. A catwalk is a special elevated platform for the models which is used to show clothes, shoes or hairstyles to the audience. In fact, a catwalk show can be seen as a kind of product launch, but often with a performance by an artist or DJ. Our catwalk sets are completely ready to use and come with a whole range of accessories for creating an elegant finish. This will allow you to use our catwalks for any event. No need to look any further- reserve your catwalk here.


Would you like to provide your event with a live stream or show it afterwards with an aftermovie? Then it’s very important that the camera image is not disturbed. Guests often don't notice when they walk through the image or accidentally bump into a camera tripod. By renting a camera riser you can place the camera on a raised platform, guaranteeing visibility and safety. For bands, you’ll need a rolling riser. By using such a rolling riser and an elevated platform, you can, for example, set up a drum kit while the previous artist is still performing. Once it's ready, you simply roll it to the desired spot on stage.


Celebrating a sports victory or receiving an award are the kinds of things you want to be able to make as visible as possible. After all, these people deserve the public’s attention after achieving something so great. By renting a podium, the audience can share in the joy after a victory. We offer these stages in different sizes. We even have podiums suitable for celebrating a championship victory or winning a tournament with an entire team. Our stages have a quality finish and are therefore suitable for both outdoor and indoor use.

Round Stage

Are you tired of the standard rectangular stage and are you looking for a playful alternative? Then take a look at our possibilities for renting a round stage; they’re a good way to turn a static and formal seminar or conference into something more dynamic in one fell swoop, by presenting with the audience all around the speaker. A round riser is also great for placing an eye-catcher at a car or motorcycle show, allowing the audience to walk all around it. There are many situations in which a round stage can really shine. Our round stages are delivered with all needed accessories and are therefore ready to use.


A stage is usually equipped with a staircase for entering and leaving. However, this isn’t always possible. For example, when a speaker has difficulty walking or is wheelchair-bound, but also when changing equipment on stage. You can’t just lift that kind of stuff onto the stage. In these situations we advise making use of a ramp, which is an incline which makes it possible to enter and leave the stage with rolling objects. This can be connected to the platform safely and stably. Our ramps are suitable for use with Prolyte stagedecks and are available for different stage heights.

Stage - Individual Rental Items


Want to create your own stage? With our stage parts from Prolyte you can build to your heart’s content. Whether you need a compact stage for a small presentation or a large stage for an international congress, our StageDex stage parts will ensure a safe and robust construction. We offer stage parts in the most common size: 2 x 1 meter.  However, you can also contact us if you need to rent less common sizes, such as 1 x 1 meter, 2 x 0.5 meter and 1 x 0.5 meter. Our stage elements can be used both indoors and outdoors.


To create the right height of stage, special legs are required. These ensure that the platform is as high as you need it to be. We rent out legs that raise the stage to a height of 20, 40, 60, 80 and 100 cm. This does not mean that the legs are these lengths; on the contrary, they simply make sure that the stage ends up at this height. Depending on the type of event, the location and the number of guests present, you can determine the right height. Our round stage legs can be used with StageDex stage parts from Prolyte. Not sure of the right height? Feel free to inquire about how to use stage legs in your situation.


A 20 cm stage can be entered simply and elegantly without any accessories. If a stage is higher than 20 cm, you’ll need to rent steps. Starting at 40 cm it’s no longer possible to enter or leave a elevated platform both elegantly and safely. At a sports event this may not be such a problem, but at a presentation, congress or conference a set of steps is really necessary. We rent one stage step per 20 cm. Is your platform 80 cm high? Then you’ll need to rent the 20, 40, 60 and 80 cm. high steps. These can be connected to each other as well as to the stage. This way you can be certain of a secure set of stage steps.


Depending on the type of event, it may not be enough to just set up the stage. At an outdoor festival, the visibility of the stage’s inner construction is often not a problem, but at a more luxurious business event, such as a conference or trade fair, this isn’t an option. At such events, the side of the elevated platform must be covered with a special skirt. This stage skirt is a piece of fabric specially made for a stage at a certain height. With the help of special Velcro profiles, you can attach this stage skirt to the riser quickly and easily. You can rent stage skirts for stages of 20, 40, 60, 80 or 100 cm high.


Our stage parts have a black lacquered top side. For many events this may be sufficient. For business events such as performances, congresses or workshops, however, it is necessary to upholster the top of the platform. This is often done with carpet tiles. These are inexpensive, can be reused (and are therefore an environmentally conscious choice) and can be laid in different patterns. You can rent carpet tiles from us in anthracite, blue and red. Would you like a different colour or finish? That’s also possible. Please contact us for the possibilities.


When renting a stage, not only the large essential parts such as decks and  legs are important for creating the right elevated platform. You’ll also need  clamps with which to connect all these parts. Without a deck to deck clamp you cannot connect two parts together and create a safe final product.  Are you organising a business presentation? Have you thought about renting a lectern or podium? You can rent a sleek white one from us which will not look out of place at any kind event. This lectern is equipped with a connection for a gooseneck microphone.

Service Level Stage Rental

Rent: Pick up and Return

Small budget? You can pick up your materials at one of our locations in Amsterdam or Breda. Our Amsterdam and Breda location is open from 09:00-17:00 on works days. Keep in mind that stage transport is only possible in large vans or trailers. Stages are very easy to set up and break down.

Rent: Delivery to your location

Do you want to get the stage delivered to your location? That’s possible by using our transport service. This service is available for orders of €125 excl. tax and above. The transport costs differ per location. You can calculate the costs easily via our rental shop. Reservations for the weekend will be delivered on Friday and picked up on Monday. This option will still save you the setup and breakdown costs.

Rent: Delivery with setup and breakdown

Do you want everything to be delivered ready to use? No problem. By choosing this option, you will ensure that everything is set up and broken down for you. You can choose this by adding ‘setup and breakdown’ in the shopping cart next to ‘transport’. This option is available on orders of €200 and above. The costs differ depending on your location, and the amount of material.