Stagedeck 100 x 100 cm

Prolyte StageDex Basic Line 100 x 100 cm Black-coated

Ideal stagedeck to make your stage fit in any type of event venue. Also often used as camera or drum riser.

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Stagedeck 100 x 100 cm

Are you preparing a stage for a corporate event, but having a hard type to get the dimensions right? This stagedeck of 1 x 1 meters can solve that problem. The 1 x 1 meters stagedeck is often used when a stage is both in the width and the depth an odd size. By adding this stage deck makes that problem go away.

Stagedeck Features 

This stage deck has a surface of 1 by 1 meters and is often used to complete odd sized stages. Still not making the stage dimensions you had in mind? Not to worry. We also offer stagedecks of 2 x 0,5 meters and 1 x 0,5 meters in our rental stock.

Like all products in the Prolyte Stagedex Basic Line, this product has a black coated top layer. Depending on the type of event, you may or may not need a finish on top. For outdoor events often the regular black top layer will do. For business events however a more representative option with carpet would be the better option. In that case please take a look at our carpet tiles.

Conform all Prolyte Stage Decks in our rental fleet, this deck also have a load capacity of 750 KG per square meter. Being 1 by 1 meters, the load capacity of the entire deck is also 750 KG, when evenly distributed over the total surface.


To get your stagedecks up to the right height, stage legs are needed. Per stagedeck, you will need 4 additional stage legs. We offer stage legs up to 100cm. This is done in steps of 20 cm. Meaning we offer stage legs with a height of: 20cm, 40cm, 60cm, 80cm and 100cm.

For a safe stage, a good connection between the stage decks is needed. This so that the individual stage decks can’t shift and create a gap. For this purpose we recommend to add deck-to-deck clamps to your rental order.

Tech specs

  • Brand


  • Model

    StegaDex Basic Line

  • Surface

    1 x 1 metre

  • Material

    Aluminium + Multiplex

  • Coating


  • Load capacity


  • Weight stagedeck

    19.3 KG

  • Dimensions stagedeck

    100x 100 x 9 cm (L x W x H)


Stage height

Change the height of your stage by ordering the right stage leg height.

Stage accessories

Take a look at all of the stage accessories we offer in the stage section of our webshop, or via the related items bar.


Stagedeck 100 x 100 cm order

Ideal stagedeck to make your stage fit in any type of event venue. Also often used as camera or drum riser.

€ 10.00 Excl. VAT