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Below, you can find all our video rental products. You can rent a TV set, as well as other items such as a projector, laptop or touchscreen. The advantage of renting a TV is the fact that you always have a clear light output. You can directly plug a USB stick in the television, making everything compact and easy-to-use. When it comes to larger presentations, it will be a good idea to rent a projector. If you want to present your product or company  in an interactive way, a touchscreen is the solution for you.

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TV Screen

A Smart TV with TV stand. Perfect for exhibitions, presentations or other events. The TV comes in four different sizes. Every TV is equipped with a power cable and HDMI cable. You can easily connect a USB stick to the TV to play movies or images in a loop.


Touchscreen with stand. Perfect for exhibitions, interactive presentations and seminars.


The more powerful the projector’s lamp, the higher the light output (lux). A higher lux gives you a better performance on the projection screen. We recommend the 3000 lux projectors for small projection screens and smaller venues. When it comes to larger venues or projection screens, a 7000 or 12.000 lux projector will be a better fit. Do you need advice selecting the right projector? Contact us! We’d be happy to help.


Choose the size of the videowall you need for your event. Videowalls are often used in lobbies, hotels, as a welcome sign in offices or for corporate presentations. Every videowall is based on the same Samsung 46” TV screens which provide sharp and bright images. The TVs can either be hung or stacked on the ground.


Laptop to powerful laser colour printer. We are happy to help you with all the ICT needs for your event.

Presentational aid

All the supporting technology for your presentation. Countdown clock or presentation clicker.

Video Controls

For a smooth execution of a conference, convention, seminar or workshop a good video control system is vital. Please find our video control equipment like a video mixer or monitor below.

Video Accessories

You can also rent video accessories such as cables, adapters, splitters and extension cables. We offer high-quality Black Magic video equipment, Roland video mixers and more.

Renting a TV for a convention
A TV is the ideal way to show your company presentation or video to visitors. High video quality ensures that your message gets across clearly. At HWC Events & Rental, we have made renting a TV or multiple TVs very simple. We can deliver the product all the way to your convention stand and also help with setup and breakdown, if so desired. We offer this service for a very fair price at all convention locations in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany. You see our TVs often at conventions in locations such as the Amsterdam RAI, Beurs van Berlage, Jaarbeurs Utrecht, Ahoy Rotterdam, WTC Rotterdam, World Forum Den Haag, EXPO Houten, Event Hall Gorinchem, Hardenberg & Venray, as well as at EXPO Brussels, Flanders, Ghent, Antwerp, and the many Messe locations in Germany. We have a multi-day discount offer especially for conventions. This means that you pay less for every consecutive day, for the duration of the rental period.

Renting a TV for a presentation
Don’t fancy the hassle of a projector? Then renting a TV for your presentation is a good option. Our large TVs are suitable for groups up to 250 people! This means you will have crisp 4K display as well as the simplicity of TV controls. Our largest TV is 1.91 metres diagonally, comparable to a small projection screen. The TVs can be delivered including setup and breakdown at your location. We offer affordable transport to Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam, Den Haag, Antwerp, Eindhoven, and other cities in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany.

Renting a projector
We have various projectors available for rent. The main differences between them are the light strength and their functionality. The necessary light strength (lux) varies between 3000 lux for a small dark room to 7000 lux for presentations and conferences up to 500 people. A 12000 lux powerful projector may be needed for the largest projects. Once you have chosen a projector, you also get to choose between four different sizes of projection screen. These are available in small and large sizes. Do you want more information about which projector or screen to use for your event? Feel free to contact us. We will make sure that you rent the correct projector for your purposes.

Renting a touchscreen TV
Do you want to let clients get familiar with your software, website, or application in an interactive manner? You can connect a touchscreen with a Windows laptop. You can then control the laptop via the touchscreen. This makes a touchscreen ideal for a convention, tradeshow, conference, congress, seminar, or workshop. Do you want to know more about the touchscreen and the different ways it can be used? Contact us for more information regarding renting a touchscreen TV.

Presentation Aids
A presentation should go smoothly, which is why we offer products which aid the technical side of things. These include, for example, a presentation clicker. A presentation clicker is available in a version for small spaces such as a breakout room or workshop space. We also offer a professional version for bridging larger distances and for controlling multiple laptops per clicker. For large, professional events, a countdown clock can sometimes be of use. Using this clock, your speaker will always know how much time he/she has before the end of their presentation. Do you not have a laptop available for your presentation? You can also easily rent a laptop from us to use during your presentation.

Choosing a TV size
No idea what the right size is for your event? We are happy to help you. To make it easier for you, consult the following information: A 40′ TV is comparable to what you probably have at home and is suitable for use in small convention stands. A 50′ TV screen is slightly larger and is suitable for use in convention stands of ca. 3×3 metres. A 60′ TV screen is very large. With a diagonal measurement of 152 cm, this TV is perfect for presentations up to 40 people or for a slightly larger convention stand. The 75′ TV is the largest screen we offer. This screen has a diagonal of 191 cm and is as large as a small projector screen. This allows you to present to up to 80 people. If you use multiple screens, they will be suitable for up to 250 people. This large TV is also perfect for large convention stands.

TV in portrait mode
Screens are set up for placement in landscape mode. However, some projects require screens to display portrait mode. Of course, we can deliver screens which are set up to display portrait mode. We recommend only doing this with larger TV screens. Part of the mounting brace will be visible if you use a small TV (40′ & 50′) in portrait mode.

Mounting a TV on a wall
After adjusting our TV brace, you can mount rented TV screens on wall. Please ensure that the wall can handle the weight of a TV.

Connecting multiple TVs to one source
You can connect up to 4 TV screens to a single video source, such as a laptop, using an HDMI splitter.

Photo or video playback via smart TV (USB)
You can plug a USB stick directly into the TV. The smart TV will only play .jpg or .mp4 formatted files. Make sure that your USB stick is formatted (FAT32) before use. The TV has a loop function, please make sure the .mp4 file has an audiotrack as well. Without the loop function may be affected. This allows you to create a continuous loop of photos or videos. Ideal for a convention.

Rental possibilities

Rental – Self pickup and return
You can, of course, always pick up and return the TV, projector, or other video gear from one of our locations. This is the cheapest option. Please keep the size of the items in mind. TVs will be packed in protective cases and sizes 50′ and above will be too large for personal vehicles. Our Amsterdam and Breda locations are open on work days between 09:00-17:00. For weekend rentals, you can pick up the rented items on Friday and return them on Monday without extra charge.

Rental – Let us deliver
Do you want to make use of our reasonably priced delivery service? That’s possible for orders over €125 before tax. Using the shopping cart, you can calculate what it would cost to deliver the order to your location. For conventions in Amsterdam RAI, Jaarbeurs Utrecht, Ahoy Rotterdam, EXPO Houten, Event Hall Gorinchem, Venray, or Hardenberg, EXPO Brussels or Antwerp, and many other convention locations, we will deliver everything not only to the venue, but all the way to your stand! Have a look at more information about our transport service.

Rental – Delivery and setup/breakdown
We also offer the possibility of letting us set up and break down the material you rent from us. This allows you to focus all of your energy on the convention, presentation, or event. This service option takes care of everything for you. This option is available for orders above €200 before tax. The transport and setup/breakdown costs will be shown to you after filling in your details in the shopping cart. Take a look at more information about the transport or setup/breakdown service.

Rental – Delivery, setup, control and breakdown
Do you want a video engineer to ensure that everything goes smoothly at your event? That’s possible. Request a price estimate for your event.