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Video - Sets

Video for workshop

A workshop is all about discovering new ideas or deepening your understanding within a certain discipline. If you want your audience members to be involved and attentive, you need to present your content in a clear and vivid way. That’s why renting the right TV screen is essential. Whether it's an LCD, plasma or LED screen, we offer the right screens for every situation, always delivered with a TV stand and ready to use. Want a room with multiple TV screens? No problem. We provide each TV with the same signal, so that the same content can be shown on all screens, visible to all of your audience members.

Video for presentation

For years now images have been an integral part of professional presentations. A projector and projection screen are now essential tools when trying to convey a message clearly. A large projection screen and powerful projector ensure that every participant can clearly see the presentation as well as any video and spec sheets. This makes presenting a piece of cake for your speaker. You can rent a projector, projection screen and projection for any type of event and location. You’re at the right address for all of your presentation, workshop or seminar needs.

Video for exhibition & convention

Looking for a TV screen to display content at a trade show? We offer screens of various sizes, including 40", 50", 60" and 75". This means we practically always have the right LED screen to provide your event with the atmosphere you want. Our TV screens are always supplied with a stand, so that the LCD or plasma screen can always be set up at the right height, both for sitting and standing audience members. This means that you can be totally certain that the message is always being clearly conveyed and the fair or workshop will be a guaranteed success. More advice on renting the right TV for your event? Feel free to contact us.

Video for conference

Are you organizing a conference where you’re expecting many visitors? Displaying content clearly and unambiguously for a large number of participants poses a challenge. With the help of an LED wall or pixel wall you can be sure that every participant can see clearly. Video walls actually consist of different LED tiles, creating the illusion of a very large LED screen. Any width and height is possible, making an LED wall the perfect addition to any conference, convention or seminar. We offer various pixel distances for an LED wall. The right pitch depends on the distance between the pixel wall and the audience. Feel free to ask about the possibilities for renting a led wall.

Video for live streaming

Do you have important guests who cannot actually be present live, or do you want to make the presentation available to everyone all over the world? Then live streaming is perfect for you. Your presentation will be streamed to the internet after which it can be viewed by your audience. A live stream or webinar can only consist of a PowerPoint presentation, but is often combined with camera footage. This allows your audience to actually see your speaker. This means you’ll need to use either a remote or operated camera. Would you like to know more about the possibilities of hiring us for a live video or video stream? Feel free to contact us.

ICT support

In addition to all of the audiovisual tools needed for presenting to an audience, ICT accessories are also in demand at a convention or conference. Back offices and production offices often need laptops and printers. Have you already thought about your event’s ‘front-of-house’? A laptop and printer are often needed at the reception desk in order to register all participants. We’re not only here to provide you with screens, projectors and LED walls; you can also come to us when renting all of the ICT and support you need. Can’t find the printer or laptop you need? Feel free to contact us to rent all of the ICT accessories you need.

Video - Individual Rental Items

TV Screen

Are you organizing a workshop or working a trade fair, but struggling to get your message across to your audience? You can rent all sizes of TV screens from us, from the very smallest to the very largest. We offer a very wide range of screens. Whether you are looking for an LCD, plasma or LED TV screen, we can always supply it to you including a stand. This stand allows you to always place the TV screen at the height you want it. You’ll also be totally sure that the content is clearly visible to your entire audience. Need more information or additional products, such as a laptop stand or platform? Feel free to ask us about the possibilities.


Do you want to show off a newly developed app at a trade fair or convention? Is a tablet or phone just too small for this purpose? We offer large touchscreen TV screens which you can control by hand just like a tablet or phone. With dimensions of no less than 43" or 55", no one will be able to miss your new masterpiece. Our touchscreens all come with stands, so that you can adjust the height of your screen to the perfect height for your audience. If you want to hide your laptop from view, you can rent a special laptop platform/shelf from us. You’re at the right address for all of your touchscreen needs.


For quite some time now, projectors have been the standard for displaying content on a very large screen. It’s quite simply an ideal solution for displaying large-format images. You can rent the right projector for your needs from us. We adjust the projector to the space and the projection screen, so that you can be ensured of high quality projection. We can also adjust the lenses of our professional projectors according to the situation. For example, we can equip the beamer with a special wide-angle or telescopic lens. You never know- a normal standard lens may also suffice for your specific situation. Our technicians will use your information to determine the right lens for your event.

Projection Screen

Got a projector, but no projection screen? That’ll make displaying your presentation quite the challenge. You can contact us if you need to rent a projection screen. We have a wide range and different sizes of screen, so we can always provide you with a suitable one for your event, whether it’s a small 82" pull-out screen or a large 183" projection screen. We’ll have one in the size you need. You can also contact us to rent a projector for your convention or conference.


A recording, livestream or event that needs super clear images? We understand how important high quality content is at your digital, online or live event. That's why we only offer the best audiovisual equipment available. That includes the PTZ cameras of the renowned brand Panasonic. The Panasonic AW-UE150 PTZ camera. The only camera on the market that offers 4K or UHD resolution. Together with the AW-RP150 PTZ camera controller, nothing is left to chance.


You’ll often need a laptop or computer to play presentations and videos. A stable, powerful laptop is essential for reliable playback of your content. After all, you don't want the presentation to get stuck while you’re presenting. You can contact us to rent any necessary ICT materials, such as a Windows laptop or an Apple MacBook. Have you already thought about the other side of the stage? There are a lot of people working behind the scenes to register all of the participants of the convention or seminar. This requires one or more laptops and a printer. We can help you with all of that.

Presentational Aids

It goes without saying that a speaker can't simply walk onstage and start presenting. Tools which give the speaker the opportunity to get their point across clearly are simply necessary for a good presentation. Tools such as a presentation remote, laser pointer or countdown timer are essential. Using these products, the speaker has the means to shape his or her own presentation. Everything your guest speaker may need is available for rent from us, be that a presentation remote, a clicker or a countdown timer.

Live Stream

Next to the PTZ cameras in our rental fleet, we also offer all kinds of handy accessories for your livestream, webinar or recording. For example a streaming encoder, that converts the videosignal for platforms as YouTube, Video, Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Also for recording we offer a handy tool. A special recorder that records high quality content on a SSD drive. The recorded data can be easily edited and adjusted by editors after the event. All these livestream rental items are of the renowned brand BlackMagic Design.

Video Mixer

It’s quite easy and quick to connect a laptop directly to a projector or TV, but you will then have little control over the on-screen display. With the help of a video mixer or seamless switcher you can have control over the content on the screen or screens. This gives you the ability to switch smoothly to the next speaker’s presentation or to set the image to 'black' without displaying the desktop in between. How about inserting a camera image? All of this is possible with a video mixer or switcher. You can contact us not only for renting different video mixers, but also for preview monitors for your director or a multiview monitor for the online editing of an event.

Video Accessories

Relaying a video signal over long distances is always a challenge. When compared to audio and lighting, video requires much more data to be transmitted. We use robust SDI cabling to get the signal from A to B reliably. We have both short and long reels of this cabling available. This cabling is also very suitable for connecting a camera to an SDI output. We have a single converter that you can use to convert from SDI to HDMI and vice versa. You’re also at the right address if you’re looking to rent an SDI or HDMI splitter.

Video Rental Possibilities

Rental - Self pickup and return

You can, of course, always pick up and return the TV, projector, or other video gear from one of our locations. This is the cheapest option. Please keep the size of the items in mind. TVs will be packed in protective cases and sizes 50' and above will be too large for personal vehicles. Our Amsterdam and Breda locations are open on work days between 09:00-17:00. For weekend rentals, you can pick up the rented items on Friday and return them on Monday without extra charge.

Rental - Let us deliver

Do you want to make use of our reasonably priced delivery service? That's possible for orders over €125 before tax. Using the shopping cart, you can calculate what it would cost to deliver the order to your location. For conventions in Amsterdam RAI, Jaarbeurs Utrecht, Ahoy Rotterdam, EXPO Houten, Event Hall Gorinchem, Venray, or Hardenberg, EXPO Brussels or Antwerp, and many other convention locations. We will deliver everything not only to the venue, but all the way to your stand! Have a look at more information about our transport service.

Rental - Delivery and setup/breakdown

We also offer the possibility of letting us set up and break down the material you rent from us. This allows you to focus all of your energy on the convention, presentation or event. We will take care of everything for you. This option is available for orders above €200 before tax. The transport and setup/breakdown costs will be shown to you after filling in your details in the shopping cart. Take a look at more information about the transport or setup/breakdown service.

Rental - Delivery, setup, control and breakdown

Do you want a video engineer to ensure that everything goes smoothly at your event? That's possible. Request a price estimate for your event.