50″ Smart TV Set

Samsung 50″ 4K LED Smart TV Set

The perfect 4K TV screen on stand. This TV screen will certainly grab the attention of the visitors of an exhibition.

100.00 Excl. VAT

50″ Smart TV Set

TV screens are getting more and more popular at all kinds of events. Thanks to the crisp
colour display, these TVs are very versatile. With a reasonable rental price, these TVs
are suitable for all kinds of presentations, openings, or other events where you wish to
show video content.

Complete Package

This complete TV set consists of a 50″ (123 cm diagonal) 4K LED screen on an included
stand. You can connect different playback devices to this screen, including laptops, DVD
players, and USB sticks.


This TV is delivered standard with an HDMI cable and a 10 metre long power cable. You can
connect this screen to your laptop or DVD player using the HDMI input. The long power cable
means that you can always find a way to power this screen, even if the closest plug is further
away than anticipated. This makes the Samsung 50″ LED screen very versatile. This screen is
also compatible with VGA, DVI, mini HDMI, and Thunderbolt. Please tell us when renting the
screen which kind of video signal you will be using. Then we can offer the correct, or in some
cases additional cables.


It is also possible to plug a USB stick in directly. This allows you to display your photos
or videos directly on the screen. Be aware that the TV can only display photos in .jpg and
videos in .mp4 format, please also note that .mp4 files will need an audiotrack, otherwise the loop-function might be affected. In full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels), files with a 16:9 aspect ratio give
the best result. Files with fewer pixels will not fill the screen.

Big enough?

This 50″ Smart LED TV by Samsung is a good middle-sized TV screen. You can use this screen
for small convention stands (max 50 m2) or for presentations up to 50 people. If you are expecting
more visitors or have a larger stand, we recommend using a bigger screen. We have a large
selection of 40″, 60″, and 75″ Smart LED TV screens.

Buildup and breakdown

In order to ensure that everything goes smoothly during setup and breakdown, we recommend
letting HWC Events and Rentals to do it for you. This ensures that the TV is placed in a neat
and safe manner. This service costs just €30,- and can be added to your shopping cart.


TVs are very fragile during transport. It is essential that the TVs are transported correctly.
We always recommend letting HWC Events & Rental transport these materials for you. Using the
shopping cart, you can work out exactly how much it will cost to transport the materials to
the desired location.

Tech specs

  • Brand


  • Model


  • Wattage

    90 Watts

  • Screen height

    63,8 cm

  • Screen width

    110,3 cm

  • Screen diagonal

    123 cm

  • Included cables

    HDMI (10 metres) + Schuko (10 metres)

  • Playable media (USB)

    .jpg (photos) or .mp4 (videos)

  • TV weight

    13,5 KG

  • Transport case dimensions (TV+stand)(per 2)

    1200 x 600 x 1000 mm (WxHxL)


Wall mounting

It is also possible to mount these 50" TV screens on a wall. If you let us know when reserving that you wish to mount the TV on a wall, we will include a wall brace instead of a stand. The price will of course remain the same.

Same image on multiple screens?

Do you want to place multiple screens with the same image? By adding an HDMI splitter, you can split the signal at the source to a maximum of 4 screens. These will then display the same image at the same time.


50″ Smart TV Set order

The perfect 4K TV screen on stand. This TV screen will certainly grab the attention of the visitors of an exhibition.

€ 100.00 Excl. VAT