DJ Gear rental

Are you looking for a DJ set or DJ gear for your party, event, festival or fashion show? On this page, you can find all the DJ gear you can rent. We have DJ CD players, DJ mixers, turntables, DJ monitors and DJ booths for rent.

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DJ Set

Complete Pioneer DJ sets. From basic DJ set to the world standard for festivals and clubs. Our DJ sets can easily be connected to sound systems.

DJ Booth

The DJ Booth is the desk on which the DJ equipment is placed during the event. We offer basic DJ booths, as well as DJ booths with integrated LED lighting.

DJ Mixer

Pioneer DJ and Allen & Heath DJ mixers. From basic 2-channel DJ mixer to the world-renowned Pioneer DJM-900 NXS mixers.

DJ Decks

Our DJ media players can play music from a USB stick . We recommend the Pioneer XDJ-700 for beginning DJs or smaller parties. The Pioneer CDJ-2000 NXS DJ Media Player has the most functionalities and is the world standard for DJ players. You will find the Pioneer CDJ-2000 NXS at every big festival and in every club. For the vinyl lovers, we have the Technics decks in our rental stock.

DJ Monitor

At larger events, you will often encounter one or two speakers positioned next to or above the DJ. These speakers ensure that the DJ doesn’t have any delays when mixing tracks. We recommend renting a DJ monitor for events over 250 people.

DJ Accessories

We rent out various DJ accessories which can be connected to the DJ equipment. A microphone for the DJ or MC, or a UTP hub to connect Pioneer DJ players with each other.

DJ Gear rental

DJ Set Rental
Looking to rent a DJ set for your event? We offer a large assortment of DJ sets in our rental shop. For the smaller budgets we recommend our basic DJ set; DJ set 1. Consisting of a 2-channel Pioneer DJM-450 mixer and two Pioneer XDJ-700 media players. This DJ set is perfect for small parties. The next step up, is a DJ set with the renowned Pioneer DJM-900NXS2 mixer and two Pioneer XDJ-700 media players. DJ-set 3 is the world standard of DJ sets that you will find on any large club or festival. This DJ set consists out of a Pioneer DJM-900NXS2 mixer and two Pioneer CDJ-2000NXS media players.

DJ Set Hire Private Rental vs Corporate Rental
When you send us an enquiry for a DJ Gear rental, we will ask you for your details. We will need to proces your details prior to confirming the rental order. Only after processing your details and payment its possible to pick up the rented materials. Our DJ set 3 consisting of the CDJ-2000NXS players and DJM-900NXS2 players can only be rented by corporations. It’s unfortunately not possible to rent these items as a private rental.

DJ Rider 
Are you expecting a famous DJ at your event? In that case it’s likely that you have received a DJ rider. A DJ rider is a document with all (technical) requirements for the artist or DJ. We are happy to facilitate the requirements of the DJ rider.

DJ Booth
A DJ booth is the piece of furniture on which the DJ equipment will be placed. It’s important that this DJ booth has a stable surface and that there is enough space for DJ booth and DJ. Are you looking to rent a DJ booth and will you be transporting the booth yourself? Then we recommend to rent our basic DJ booth, which is modular and easy to transport. Is space and transport not an issue, than our white glossy LED DJ booth with LED lighting will be the best choice for you.

Rental options

The most affordable way of renting is dry hire, what we call our Rent2Go package. With this options to collect and return the rented equipment yourself to one of our warehouse locations in either Amsterdam or Breda. Our locations are open on working days (Mo-Fri) between 09:00 and 17:00. Weekend rentals can be picked up on Friday and returned on Monday without extra rental costs.

This option is available at ordering €125,- excl. VAT on equipment. The transportcosts depend on the venue address and will be calculated in the enquiry form.  Please note that transport conditions apply.

This rental option is a complete package with transport, setup and dismantle. Possible at ordering at least €200,- Excl. VAT on equipment. Transport and Crew costs depend on the equipment and venue address. Our online form can calculate this for you. Please read more about our transport service and our setup & dismantle service.