DJ Gear - Sets

DJ Set

Looking for a DJ set for an afterparty or company party? Our DJ sets use renowned Pioneer devices. This DJ gear is on almost any professional DJ’s technical rider. Is the DJ looking for specific DJ equipment from another brand, such as Allen & Heath or Technics? You can also rent these from us. If you are looking for a specific DJ set, mixer or player, feel free to contact us and ask about the possibilities.

DJ Booth

A good working surface is essential for any DJ wishing to give a show-stopping performance. A good DJ booth is essential for making any DJ feel comfortable. This DJ booth gives you the space to set up any DJ set without having to worry about stability or working height. Whether you’re looking for a simple DJ table for a casual gathering or an elaborate DJ booth for a big gala dinner, we offer various options so that you can rent the right DJ booth for your needs.

DJ Gear - Individual Rental Items

DJ Mixer

DJs usually want to make sure that they have the right equipment ready to go before they start performing. Without this equipment, DJs simply can't perform comfortably. That's why we use equipment from renowned brands Pioneer and Allen & Heath. You can rent Pioneer’s compact DJM-450 or DJM-900 Nexus 2 DJ mixer, or Allen & Heath’s widely acclaimed Xone 92 mixer. If you rent from us, you can be completely certain that the DJ mixer will be delivered to you in good condition.

DJ Media Player

Multimedia player for DJs come in all shapes and sizes, from the compact XDJ-700 player- suitable for a small gathering or afterparty- to Pioneer's flagship CDJ-2000 Nexus player which can be used at gala events or corporate parties. We carry the right turntable or media player for every DJ, even those who swear by the analogue feel of a turntable. The Technics SL1200 MKII turntable is still very popular even in our current age of digital development.

DJ Booth

It’s important to place your DJ gear on a stable and flat surface. You don't want to have to worry about the expensive DJ equipment during your company party or gathering. A DJ booth is the perfect solution. This is a free-standing piece of furniture on which the DJ set can be placed stably and safely. This will create a personal work space for the DJ where he can focus on performance in relative peace and quiet. Whether you are looking for a compact DJ table for a small afterparty or a large DJ booth with built-in light effects, you’ve come to the right place.

DJ Monitor

To ensure that the DJ can deliver clean mixes at every transition, a DJ monitor is simply essential. Just like a singer, guitarist or drummer would, a DJ needs a monitor. Usually there is a delay between the playback of the performance on the sound system and the moment the DJ hears it. These speakers are not pointed towards the DJ. A DJ monitor is needed in order to eliminate this delay and make mixing music easier. We offer both mono and stereo setups of powerful active DJ monitors.

DJ Accessories

In addition to players, mixers, monitors and a booth, a DJ often needs additional small accessories. This includes things like a microphone for the MC or for giving a short speech. Numerous small accessories may be needed to supplement the equipment according to the DJ's needs and wishes. Most DJs have their own headphone, but what if that’s not the case? Do you need a UTP hub for linking Pioneer players and mixing desks? We also stock all of these small accessories!

DJ Gear Rental Options


The most affordable way of renting is dry hire, what we call our Rent2Go package. With this options to collect and return the rented equipment yourself to one of our warehouse locations in either Amsterdam or Breda. Our locations are open on working days (Mo-Fri) between 09:00 and 17:00. Weekend rentals can be picked up on Friday and returned on Monday without extra rental costs.


This option is available at ordering €125,- excl. VAT on equipment. The transport costs depend on the venue address and will be calculated in the enquiry form.  Please note that transport conditions apply.


This rental option is a complete package with transport, setup and dismantle. Possible at ordering at least €200,- Excl. VAT on equipment. Transport and Crew costs depend on the equipment and venue address. Our online form can calculate this for you. Please read more about our transport service and our setup & dismantle service.