5-way truss corner

Prolyte H30V C024

This 5-way truss corner can be used to connect five of truss to each other.

25.00 Excl. VAT

5-way truss corner

5 way truss cross

This specific part is not used all the time, but you can use this 5 way cross to complete
different kinds of complex constructions. You can use it in a ‘cross construction’ where you
also want to provide a space for a vertical column in the middle. You an also use this corner
piece as a coupling in the wall of a more complex construction.

Constructions like these are often used at conventions, events, and festivals. They’re often
used to mount banners, lighting, and soundsystems. We are more than happy to assist you in
finding the right lengths, corners, and necessary accessories for your specific construction.
If you have questions, you can always contact us or request a price estimate via our website.

Prolyte H30V series

The Prolyte H30V series is well known for trustworthy truss constructions with a high weight
capacity. Prolyte is one of the most widely accepted truss brands worldwide. You can easily
connect the H30V C024 to other truss parts using the CCS6 conical couplings. We always recommend
letting an expert look at and double check your truss construction before building. This will
ensure that your construction adheres to the strict rules and requirements regarding truss
building, making everything safe and making certain that your construction can carry the
heavy weight load of all the equipment you need to mount on it.

Tech specs

  • Brand/Model

    Prolyte H30V C024

  • Max carry weight

    See supplier's table

  • Dimensions

    710x500x710 mm (WxHxD)

  • Main tubes

    48,3 x 3 mm

  • Connector tubes

    16 x 2 mm

  • Couplings

    CCS6 coupling system


5-way truss corner order

This 5-way truss corner can be used to connect five of truss to each other.

€ 25.00 Excl. VAT