Individual Rental Items rental

Single Truss

Single tubes can be used as an outrigger or to give your truss construction more strength.

Ladder Truss

Ladder truss can be used for small events and exhibition booths.

Square Truss

Create your own truss setup by manually selecting the truss parts you need. All our truss comes from the Prolyte H30V Series. This is a world-renowned truss brand known for its reliability and strength. Please make sure to have your personal truss construction checked by a professional.


Prolyte H30V truss baseplates can be placed under the upright truss columns.

Truss Lift

Truss lifts (wind up stands) and manual hoists to elevate complete truss constructions.


Backdrop Curtain

Backdrop to create a descent background of a stage or event venue. Easy connectable to truss.

Truss Accessories

All the rigging accessories you need during a truss or rigging setup.