Square Truss 300 cm

Prolyte H30V L300

A large truss span to cover? The Prolyte H30V L300 is perfect to make long lengths of truss with very few connections.

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Square Truss 300 cm

Truss, you probably have seen some when visiting an event. It’s the most commonly used material in the event industry. With truss the strong and stable base is created so that all types of material can be mounted to it. As audiovisual supplier we mainly use truss to mount lights, speakers and video screens. As booth holder or organiser you can also use it for mounting banners, products and decoration. Therefore the application depends on who uses it, the features however remain the same. Robust, modulair and a high load-ability, that’s where it’s all about.

How does it work? Truss is sort of a construction package. There are many different parts which are all inter-connectable. By combining the right parts or pieces in the right sequence, you will be making the construction you are after. With thoroughly thought out plans, the whole construction can be planned when the material are still on the shelfs.

Prolyte H30V Truss

This specific section has a length of 300 cm. This makes this particular truss section very useful when you are looking to make large spans. With this long section, the number of connections will be minimal. This means it’s less labor intensive, then when you use smaller sections. Why do people not always use these 300 cm sections when they have make large stretches of truss? The answer is simple. Transport. The smaller equivalent of 200 cm can me more transport efficient depending on whether you get goods delivered by truck or box-van.

When creating a complete construction or suspended grid, you will also be needing different lengths of truss. This so that you can get as close to the dimension you prefer as possible. Other length sections are for example 29, 50, 71, 100 and 200cm. Of course are the corner sections als available in our rental fleet.

Tech specs

  • Brand


  • Model

    H30V L300

  • Length

    300 cm

  • Main tubes

    48.3 mm x 3 mm

  • Connector tubes

    16 x 2 mm

  • Coupling system


  • Max carry load

    See supplier’s table

  • Weight

    18.9 KG

  • Dimensions

    3000 x 300 x 300 mm (L x W x H)


Double Check

Always allow an expert to look at your truss construction before building in order to prevent building errors or overtaxing the construction.


For connecting the truss sections you will be needing special pins. You will find pinboxes per 100 pins available in our rental shop.


Square Truss 300 cm order

A large truss span to cover? The Prolyte H30V L300 is perfect to make long lengths of truss with very few connections.

€ 15.00 Excl. VAT