Goalpost Truss

Truss construction shaped like a football goal

This truss frame with lights is perfect as a display of your banner during an exhibition or as a gate over an entrance.

180.00 Excl. VAT

Goalpost Truss

This truss construction is perfectly suitable as a convention stand. You can mount a banner on the inside pipes of the truss. It’s also ideal to use this goalpost above an entrance.

Adjusting Truss Dimensions

This convention stand has standard dimensions of 7 x 3 metres (L x H). The truss itself is 30 cm wide, so for the sizing of a banner you must remove these from the sides and top. You can easily alter the dimensions of the truss construction. All of the sizes under the standard size cost the same amount. Every larger size costs a small extra fee. Ask us for a price estimate.

Truss Baseplates

Keep in mind that this truss construction is kept upright with weighted baseplates. These measure 55 x 55 x 1 cm (L x W x H). These sit under the legs of the truss and stick out from under the 7 x 3 metre construction. Ask us for more information or advice for your convention stand.


The truss construction comes with 4 powerful spots to illuminate your convention stand or banner. You can easily add extra spots to your order via the link.


Do you want a ready to use package with a banner? That’s possible. You can add single or double sided banners (per m2) to your order via the related items bar. Don’t forget to also rent a spanfix kit. These are special elastics to attach the banner to the truss. Keep in mind that you must send us the content of your banner 12 work days before delivery.

Setup and breakdown days

Convention stands are often built and broken down on days around the convention. You will get two free setup days and 1 free breakdown day from us. We only charge for actual show days. For many locations such as the Amsterdam RAI, Utrecht Jaarbeurs, EXPO Houten, Ahoy, event hall Gorinchem, event hall Hardenberg, EXPO Antwerp, EXPO Brussels, and the Messe Hallen in Germany, very strict loading regulations apply. If you want us to take care of the setup and breakdown of your convention stand, we would appreciate receiving all pertinent information from you.

Tech specs

  • Brand


  • Model


  • Truss

    5x L200, 2x L050, 2x C003, 2x Baseplate

  • Lighting

    LEG ACT-150

  • Wattage

    600 Watts

  • Dimensions

    7.26 x 0.55 x 3 metres (L x W x H)


Indoor / Outdoor

This construction is only suitable for indoor use. If you still want to place this construction outdoors, adjustments are necessary. Ask us about the possibilities.

Dimensions Banner

Get advice on which size of truss construction or banner you need. Ask us about which banner will fit this construction.


Goalpost Truss order

This truss frame with lights is perfect as a display of your banner during an exhibition or as a gate over an entrance.

€ 180.00 Excl. VAT