Smoke Machine 1300 Watts

Look Viper NT

This Look Viper NT is a powerful smoke machine, ideal for larger events. The 1300-watt machine can be controlled with DMX.

40.00 Excl. VAT

Smoke Machine 1300 Watts

This Look Viper NT smoke machine is perfect for all types of events. With 1300 Watts of power, the smoke-machine is suitable for gala’s, afterparty’s and corporate party’s. But also for a creative photoshoot or as part of a theatre show it’s comes in handy. The Look Solutions brand is internationally renowned and the Viper NT is top of the line.

Effect smoke machine

The smoke produced by this machine gives light effects an extra depth and dimension. The light beams from the lamps will reflect and bounce off of the mist. This results in visible light beams rather than only the effect on the floor and walls.

This powerful Look Viper NT has a large, powerful output and can produce smoke up to 15 meters. The maximum output can’t be used continuously. After 40 seconds or maximum output the smoke machine has to reheat. However, if you choose to use a lower output setting, you are able to use the smoke continuously. Before you start using this smoke machine its recommendable to let it warm up for at least 7 minutes.

DMX or Analogue

This smoke machine comes with an analogue 0 – 10 volts controller, which can be connect via an included 3-pronged XLR cable. By using the fader, you can precisely control the output of the smoke machine. Are you gonna use the Viper NT as part of a larger light show? In that case you can use the 5-pronged DMX in-output and connect the machine directly to your DMX desk or controller.

The Look Viper NT produces a thick layer of smoke. Are you looking for a more refined plume of smoke? In that case we can recommend the Look Unique 2.1 Hazer, which you can also find at the bottom of this page under related items.

Tech specs

  • Brand


  • Model

    Viper NT

  • Power Heating Element

    1300 Watts

  • Warmup Time

    7 Minutes

  • Tank Volume

    5 litres

  • Usage (in litres per hour)

    2.1 litres

  • Emissions

    Max 15 metres

  • Smoke Machine Weight

    13.3 KG

  • Smoke Machine Dimensions

    470 x 230 x 240 mm (L x W x H)

  • Transport Case Weight

    10 KG

  • Transport Case Dimensions

    530 x 240 x 330 mm (L x W x H)



Our smoke machines are always filled with extremely high quality smoke liquid which is neither damaging for the lungs nor irritating for the eyes. It is, however, possible that people with very serious asthma or high sensitivity will still experience discomfort from the smoke. This can be avoided by using shorter outputs, which will result in thinner, yet still evenly distributed smoke.


Smoke machines are waterproof. If used normally, they can not leak. However, they are not suitable for upside down use! This can result in a leak where the pump hose meets the tank of the smoke machine.


Smoke Machine 1300 Watts order

This Look Viper NT is a powerful smoke machine, ideal for larger events. The 1300-watt machine can be controlled with DMX.

€ 40.00 Excl. VAT