Confetti Set 2

Most popular ready-to-use confetti set

This confetti canon set, suited for groups up to 150 people, will help you bring colour to your event.

130.00 Excl. VAT

Confetti Set 2

Have you been asked to make a special event or an important day even more festive? This confetti set is suitable for many kinds of events. This confetti canon set is often used for building openings, conferences, and presentations. You can use this confetti canon set for groups of up to 150 people. If you are expecting a larger audience, we advise renting a larger set like the confetti set 3.

Magic FX Confetti Set

Our sets use Magic FX Power shots. This Dutch supplier is the market leader in the special effects world, making these the most professional and easy to use cannons available.

The powershot works with a pre-filled canon. You place the pre-filled canon into the powershot and connect one-another with the little cable attached to the canon. Are you looking to fire more than one round of confetti? After the first round, simply remove the first batch of canons and replace them with a new batch.

To ensure that the powershots are placed stable and safely. Baseplates are provided. You can mount the baseplate to the powershot to add weight and footprint of the powershot.

To launch the rain of confetti. A special controller is provided. With the help of the controller you can fire all the canons at once. To prevail prematurely launching of the confetti cannons, a safety key is needed. This key works as a circuit-breaker for the whole system. Only the person with the key can launch the confetti cannons.

Are you looking to make the confetti a symbolic moment. And do you like the protagonist of the event to have the honours. Then, the red launch button can additionally be rented.

Snipper, Serpentine and Colours

When it comes to confetti. There are many options available. If no option is indicated, one batch of multicolour confetti will be provided in your set. If you like to customise the colour of the confetti. Please let us know prior to your pick up so we can prepare the confetti canons accordingly. A combination of colours is hereby possible. All colours are subject to availability.

Besides the colour of the confetti. You will also have the choice between snipper (confetti) or serpentine (streamers). Serpentine reaches greater distances and stay in the air a bit longer. The distribution of confetti tends to go wider than streamers. This makes the streamers the favourite for outdoor use and confetti the favourite for indoor use.

Tech specs

  • Brand

    Magic FX

  • Model


  • Wattage

    400 Watts

  • Connections

    Powercon In (Blue), Powercon Out (Grey)

  • Powershots weight

    8 KG

  • Powershot dimensions

    130 x 120 x 160 mm (L x W x H)

  • Baseplates weight

    8 KG

  • Baseplate dimensions

    300 x 300 x 15 mm (L x W x H)

  • Transport case weight

    7 KG

  • Transport case dimensions (per 4)

    535 x 480 x 240 mm (L x W x H)


Colour choice

This confetti cannon comes with multicoloured confetti, but it is of course also possible to choose confetti according to your wishes, or to colour coordinate with your event or company. For a nominal fee, we can create the confetti combination of your choice.


Our confetti and streamers abide by all European regulations. The confetti is biodegradeable, impregnable for maximum fire resistance, and the colours do not run.


Confetti Set 2 order

This confetti canon set, suited for groups up to 150 people, will help you bring colour to your event.

€ 130.00 Excl. VAT