Curtain Black 300 x 400 cm

Pipe & Drape Curtain Black - 300 cm x 400 cm

Most commonly used black unpleated pipe & drape curtain. Molton CS fabric and equipped with Velcro and loops.

25.00 Excl. VAT

Curtain Black 300 x 400 cm

The black version of pipe & drape is by far the most commonly used. By using black drapes you create a neutral darkening backdrop at your event venue. With black being so commonly used, it’s no surprise that all the hardware is also black coloured. The baseplates, uprights and drape supports are all black. So even when the hardware is visible, for example backstage, it’s no problem that it’s visible as it blends in.

The curtain has a height of 400 cm. This enables you to utilise the hardware to it’s full potential. The uprights can go up to 420cm. Is it not possible to extend the system to the maximum cause of venue restrictions? No problem. The height is fully adjustable between 180 and 420 cm. The only thing to bear in mind is that you have to fold back the drape when positioned lower than 400 cm.

Connecting the drape

The curtain has Velcro on the rear side. With the Velrco strip it’s easy to attach the curtain to the support beam. This makes setup and dismantling easy, quick and efficient. When combining multiple curtains it’s important to overlap. Every curtain has an extra strip of Velrco to make overlapping easier. By overlapping you make sure no gaps exists between the drapes.

Next to the Velcro the curtain has loops. With these loops you can use this curtain also to connect to trusses, tubes or other hardware systems. This adds to the flexibility needed when working in events.

Features Curtain 

The fabric of this curtain is Molton CS. The same material used for backdrops. The fabric is mat and won’t reflect when a light shines on it. The drape is completely unpleated.

Are you using for another colour? We also have white and red drapes in our rental assortment. You can find these drapes in our related item section on this page.

Tech specs

  • Brand


  • Model

    Molton CS

  • Colour


  • Material

    Molton CS (300 g/m2)

  • Finish

    Non Pleated

  • Dimensions

    300 x 400 (W x H)



The curtain is equipped with Velrco for use in pipe & drape setting. It also has loops when used in combination with truss.

Keeping the curtain clean

In order to prevent cleaning and fabric impregnation fees, we recommend making sure that the floor of your location is clean and, if needed, placing channels on the ground to protect the curtains.


Curtain Black 300 x 400 cm order

Most commonly used black unpleated pipe & drape curtain. Molton CS fabric and equipped with Velcro and loops.

€ 25.00 Excl. VAT