Curtain Red 300 x 400 cm

Pipe & Drape Curtain Bordeaux Red

Eccentric bordeaux red pleated dimout curtain for pipe & drape systems. With Velcro strip on top.

25.00 Excl. VAT

Curtain Red 300 x 400 cm

Looking to transform a venue into something more eccentric? Then the use of this bordeaux red pipe & drape curtain may be of help. Perfect for studio shoots or to reenact a scene in an old Amsterdam bar. With the addition of pipe & drape hardware like baseplates, uprights and drape support you can make a self-supporting system. Just like all our other pipe & drape curtains, this drape has a height of 4 meters. This enables you to use the maximum potential out of the hardware. The uprights can be extended to 420cm. However when you want it positioned a bit lower or when the venue has a low ceiling, this is no problem. The uprights are fully adjustable. In this case you will need to fold back the drapes to make the room look appealing and representative.

Connecting the Pipe & Drape Curtain 

All our drape supports are equipped with Velrco. This helps for a quick setup and dismantle. No fiddling about with loops. Simply attach the drape to the support and you are good to go. When using multiple curtains, you can use the overlap stretch of Velcro on the front of every drape. This way, no gaps will be visible between the drapes.

Features Drape 

This red pipe & drape curtain is produced out of special dim out fabric. This has a light shine to it. The fabric is darkening, so no light will come through the curtain. This makes it the ideal drape to place in front of a window. Red a bit too much for your event? We also have black and white in our rental assortment.

Tech specs

  • Brand


  • Model


  • Colour

    Bordeaux Red

  • Material

    100% Polyester Dimout

  • Finish


  • Dimensions

    300 x 400 cm (W x H)


Keeping the curtain clean

In order to prevent cleaning and fabric impregnation fees, we recommend making sure that the floor of your location is clean and, if needed, placing channels on the ground to protect the curtains.


This drape only has Velrco as connecting method. It's recommendable to use it in combination with Wentex Pipe & Drape systems.


Curtain Red 300 x 400 cm order

Eccentric bordeaux red pleated dimout curtain for pipe & drape systems. With Velcro strip on top.

€ 25.00 Excl. VAT