Curtain Black 300 x 120 cm

Pipe & Drape Curtain Black - 300 cm x 120 cm

Special black drape with a height of 120 cm. Meant for draping around a front of house desk.

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Curtain Black 300 x 120 cm

Are you looking to use pipe & drape to cover the front of house desk? There are quite some factors to take into account. Do you have the right drape supports to shield the complete control desk? Did you select the right amount of uprights? Do you have a baseplate and pin for every upright? When you have all those matters sorted out there one last item on your list. The draping.

Due to the fact that pipe & drape front of house sets have a height of 120 cm, it’s only logical that the drape has the same height. This curtain is specially developed for the use at front of house desks. The width of the drape is 300 cm. Often a control desk can be wider than this, but not to worry. You can combine multiple drapes.

Connecting the Pipe & Drape Curtain

The drape is connected to the drape support using Velcro. Both the drape and drape support are already provided with a Velrco strip. When using multiple drapes it’s important that they overlap. This ensures there are no unwanted openings between the drapes. That’s why the end of every drape has a section of extra Velrco. This enables you to make the a smooth overlap between the drapes.

Features Front Of House Drape

The fabric used for this drape is the so-called MGS fabric. MGS is short for ‘medium gloss satin’. This drape has a light shine to it, which makes it look very representative. The drape is non pleated, which is more appealing to the eye for chique events.

Are you looking for a curtain for regular pipe & drape systems? Check our black, red or white drapes with a height of 4 meters. You can also find them at the bottom of the page at the related items.

Tech specs

  • Brand


  • Model

    MGS Black

  • Colour


  • Material

    Medium Glossy Satin

  • Finish

    Non pleated

  • Dimensions

    300 x 120 cm (W x H)


Keeping the curtain clean

In order to prevent cleaning and fabric impregnation fees, we recommend making sure that the floor of your location is clean and, if needed, placing channels on the ground to protect the curtains.


This version of drape is only meant for front of house draping. Need drape for another application? Check our related items.


Curtain Black 300 x 120 cm order

Special black drape with a height of 120 cm. Meant for draping around a front of house desk.

€ 5.00 Excl. VAT