Curtain White 300 x 400 cm

Pipe & Drape Curtain White

Elegant white pleated pipe & drape curtain. With a height of 4 meters perfectly suitable for event venues with a high ceiling.

25.00 Excl. VAT

Curtain White 300 x 400 cm

Are you organising an event with a lot of ambiance, such as a wedding or gala dinner? Pipe & drape can help for creating the right atmosphere. Next to the hardware for the frame, a curtain is in the end the element that brings the atmosphere to the event. The hardware of the system will be hidden from side behind the drape.

This drape has a height of 400 cm. This makes the drape suitable for the uprights that can be adjusted between the 180 and 420 cm. Is the event venue not high enough to utilise the full 4 meters? Not to worry, of course you can adjust to a lower height. The width of this drape is 300 cm, combining multiple of the same drapes is no problem.

Connecting Pipe & Drape Curtain 

To connect the pipe & drape curtain to the drape support, Velrco is used. You attach the drape to the drape support. Quick and efficient. Are you making a long stretch with multiple drapes? No worries, our drapes are provided with a little strip of extra Velrco to help you overlap from drape to drape. This makes sure there are no gaps between the drapes.

Features Drape 

The white colour of the drapes already adds to the ambiance. To enforce this even more, the drapes are pleated. The fabric is ‘medium glossy satin’, meaning the drapes will have a light shine to them. This white drape is not suitable for dim-out applications. For this the fabric is simply to light.

Installation / Dismantling

A white drape is prone to stain. Something that may not stand out on a black piece of fabric, will on white fabric. Most of those stains are made during installing and dismantling the drape. At this moment the drape drags over the floor, collecting dust and other particles. Therefore it’s important to clean the floor before installing the drape. If this is not an option, we recommend to use plastic to cover up the floor.

Of course it can still happen that a drape gets dirty or stained. In that case we have to get the drape(s) cleaned upon return. The costs for cleaning will be charged. Please note that the cleaning costs are higher than your regular dryclean bill due to the sheer size of the drapes and the fact that we have to make them fire retardant again after cleaning.

Looking for a different colour of curtain? We also offer a black or red version.

Tech specs

  • Brand


  • Type

    MGS White

  • Colour


  • Material

    Medium Glossy Satin

  • Model


  • Dimensions

    300 x 400 cm (W x H)


Keeping the curtain clean

In order to prevent cleaning and fabric impregnation fees, we recommend making sure that the floor of your location is clean and, if needed, placing channels on the ground to protect the curtains.

Cleaning Costs

If the curtains return dirty or stained, cleaning costs will be charged.


Curtain White 300 x 400 cm order

Elegant white pleated pipe & drape curtain. With a height of 4 meters perfectly suitable for event venues with a high ceiling.

€ 25.00 Excl. VAT