Wireless LED LightDrop

Astera AX3 LightDrop

With the same dimensions as a hockey puck, this AX3 LightDrop RGBW LED spot is perfectly suited to every event, even in the smallest of spaces!

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Wireless LED LightDrop

The Astera AX3 LightDrop is the cutest and most compact LED spot in the entertainment industry.
This spotlight is often affectionately referred to as ‘puck’. This stems, of course, from its
small size. The Astera AX3 has a diametre of not even 10 cm and a height of 6 cm. Its nickname
makes sense now, right?

Just like the whole Astera assortment, this spot also comes with a built in battery, allowing
it to function cable-free for up to 20 hours. The spot also has a large arsenal of wireless
communication possibilities. It can be controlled via the AsteraApp or using wireless DMX.
The spot is also fantastic for outdoor use. With its weatherproof casing (IP65), this spot
functions without any issues in any kind of weather, be it rain, snow, or hail. At events
where silence is paramount, the AX3 really shines. The spot has no fan, meaning that it doesn’t
make any disturbing background noise.

Light source

Behind the lens of the AX3 puck there is a powerful 15 watt light source made up of RGBW CREE
LEDs. To make sure that all Astera lights display the same colour, TruColour calibration is used.
This ensures not only extremely high quality colour and colour mixing, but also that every
batch has the same colour. This is important, as settings can be changed during spot calibration.

It is possible to programme LED spots to any colour you wish. It is possible to use the
tablet to project the exact LEE filter colour you desire, without needing the LEE filter. It is
even possible to adjust the exact colour temperature of your light beam from 2700 to 6500K.


This spot will project a light beam of 13 degrees, but in some situations it will be
necessary to project a wider light beam. We have extra filters availabe for these situations.
By adding a Floor Diffusor, you can create a wider, 30 degree light beam. If you want an
even less focussed light beam, you can use the Wide Angle Diffusor. This will create a very
wide spread of 120 degrees. We have a diffusor dome available for clear objects. This changes
the original light beam into a 220 degree spread. Exactly, that is totally round!

The Wallwash Diffusor was designed especially for lighting up walls and other large surfaces.
This creates an asymmetrical light beam of 17×46 degrees, aiming the light as much as possible
towards the wall.

    • No filter: 13 degree beam
    • Flood filter: 30 degree beam
    • Wallwash filter: 46×17 degree beam
    • Dome filter: 220 degree beam


Batteries are developing rapidly, and many professional event lighting brands are also switching
to battery power. This means that it is becoming less essential to connect spots with electrical
cables. The Astera AX3 spot can function for up to 20 hours with its built in battery. Allow
7 hours to fully charge the battery. It is, of course, still possible to connect this spot
with cables for long events.

‘I have a very important event coming up, are battery powered lights reliable enough?’
We hear this question often. In fact, all Astera lights have an ultimate safety function.
This will ensure that the spots will never turn off during an event. Simply use the ‘seamless
runtime’ function to programme how long the spot has to work. The Astera AX3 will then spread
out the battery life evenly over the programmed period. This means that the spot will only
shut off after the allotted time.

Wireless Communication

A battery is nice, of course, but for true wireless convenience, the spot also needs to be able
to be controlled wirelessly. Astera has designed their own interface just to make this possible.
The AsteraBox works as a translator. This device converts incoming information into an RF signal
(865-870 MHz). It has a range of 300 metres. The lights do not only receive information, they
also send information back. This makes it possible to read all kinds of information about function,
battery status, and settings.

The AsteraBox can be used as a wireless DMX transmitter in combination with a light table, but
can also function via bluetooth in combination with an tablet and the AsteraApp. You
can access some unique functions using the app.

      • Colours, chases, effects, and groups
      • Anti-Flicker
      • Theft Alarm
      • Enter and Leave Standby

Flicker Free

Are you planning to record the event on video? Cheap LED lighting can be problematic. Whilst
traditional light bulbs continuously give light, LEDs flash very quickly. This can not be seen
by the naked eye, but cameras can pick this up. You must adjust the refresh rate in order to
overcome this. This isn’t possible with cheap armatures, but this Astera AX3 puck can of course
do this.

You can set the correct framerate of the recording using the AsteraApp. The lights will then
automatically adjust to the correct frequency, from 200-1205 Hz. For the very precise technicians,
the Astera App can even allow you do adjust the preprogrammed frequency up to two numbers after
the comma!

As mentioned earlier, the Astera AX3 has no fan. Thanks to its well balanced aluminum casing,
it can cool itself without producing any disturbing white noise. It also features ‘fanless cooling’,
meaning that it will not produce any noise or static during presentations, workshops, or recordings.
The aluminum casing allows this product to cool itself without a fan, whilst still producing
sublime results.

Theft Alarm

The armatures of the Astera includes a sensor. When the lighting is moved or taken away, a siren
will sound to scare off possible thieves. You can adjust the sensitivity, type, and alarm delay
completely according to your wishes using the AsteraApp.

Enter & Leave Standby

After completing installation, all lights can be set to standby mode and set to automatically
light up when the event begins. This means that there will be no battery wasteage. These settings
can be manually or automatically (at programmed times) activated.

Emergency Lighting

An example of the versatility of this product is the ’emergency light’. It can always happen that
an electrical blackout occurs during an event. This will often result in a dark space where
panic can easily break out. When this product is connected to the electrical network, they can
spring to life when the electricity dies. This makes it possible for this product to automatically
produce a bright white light source when a blackout occurs. This ensures that your audience
will never be left in the dark. It’s that easy! The lights must still be connected to the
electrical network in order to use this function.

Tech specs

  • Brand


  • Model

    AX3 Lightdrop

  • Type of LED

    15W - RGBW - 430 Lm - 1300 Lx

  • Strobe


  • Beam Angle

    13 degrees

  • Battery

    LG Chem Lithium-ion

  • Battery life

    20 hours

  • Battery Charge Time

    7 hours

  • Control

    CRMX - W-DMX - AsteraBox

  • IP Rating


  • Dimensions AX-3 LightDrop

    Ø95mm x 59mm

  • Weight

    0.679 KG



It is sensible to charge the spots before use. This way you can always be sure that there will be enough battery life to last through your entire event.


The enormous versatility of this product is a huge advantage. We do, however, advise you to let us know how you are planning to use it, so that we can advise you as to which accessories to rent with it.


Wireless LED LightDrop order

With the same dimensions as a hockey puck, this AX3 LightDrop RGBW LED spot is perfectly suited to every event, even in the smallest of spaces!

€ 15.00 Excl. VAT