Wireless LED Spot

Astera AX5 TriplePar

Fully wireless and versatile Astera AX5 TriplePAR LED spot. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

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Wireless LED Spot

The Astera AX5 Triple PAR is specially designed for multifunctional utility. The name of this Astera spot is derived from a 3-in-1 principle- this spotlight can, after all, be used as a wired LED spot, wireless LED spot, and as an LED uplighter. This makes this light the ultimate tool for every audiovisual professional.

Key points of Astera are, of course, the wireless communication and its enormous battery capacity. This product is no exception. It also offers all of these functions. The battery in this light can provide adequate power for up to 20 hours. Using the Astera application you will have access to an extremely large selection of possible settings. We will provide more information about this below. It is also possible to control the AX5 lights wirelessly using DMX, even when they are being used outside. The spots are completely weather resistant (IP65). Rain, hail, or snow are absolutely no problem. This product is also very useful for studios and other recording locations, as the lamp cools itself through its special aluminum
casing rather than a fan. Completely noise free!

Light Source

The casing of this Astera AX5 contains 3 very powerful 15 watt LED light sources. These Philips Lumileds are calibrated so that they can display precise colours. The colour precision of the light source is 92%, an unprecedented and unparalleled score! This makes it possible to decide and programme the exact RGBAW value via the computer before your event.

The Astera app also contains the complete assortment of LEE filters. This means that it is possible to precisely mimic the colour of a conventional armature using LEE filters and these
spots, without actually requiring a filter. You can also control the colour temperature of the white light bundle using the app (2700K to 6500K).


Normally this Astera AX5, as well as its little brother (AX3) and big brother (AX10) has a light bundle of 13 degrees. However, some situations will require another kind of light bundle. We offer special filters which adjust the light bundle, just for this purpose. All filters are very easy to attach, they simply click into the casing.

Do you need a wider light bundle? Then the flood filter is for you. This transforms the 13 degree light bundle into a 32 degree light bundle. Do you want to illuminate a large, flat wall?
Then we can offer you the WallWash filter. This changes the round, 13 degree light bundle into an oval bundle, 46×17 degrees. This steers as much of the light as possible to the wall, lighting it up as efficiently and evenly as possible.

    • No filter: 13 degree beam
    • Flood filter: 30 degree beam
    • Wallwash filter: 46×17 degree beam


Nowadays, almost every piece of technology comes with batteries. Thanks to the rapid development of these batteries, it’s even possible to power professional event lighting with batteries. This saves valuable setup and breakdown time. Batteries get rid of the need for cables, which also means no setting up cables and no cables underfoot. Having no cables in sight also looks much more professional.

After fully charging the battery (which takes 7 hours) it is possible to use the Astera AX5 for 20 hours nonstop. This is more than enough for most events, but if it isn’t, you can always
attach these spots to a power source. Reliability is a key factor for most clients when it comes to battery life. It would be a catastrophe to have the lights fail halfway through an event.
Astera has developed a special feature to prevent this: ‘seamless runtime’. This allows you to programme exactly how long the spotlights have to function. The lights will then calculate
how much battery has been used and how much battery life is needed for the coming hours. This prevents the spots from ever dying during your event.

Wireless Communication

It is very convenient that these spotlights can be battery powered, but the ultimate convenience is that the lights can be wirelessly controlled! Astera has, of course, made this
a reality.

Astera has developed an own protocol for this. You can control these spots according to your wishes with help from the AsteraBox. The AsteraBox is, in fact, a very intelligent translator.
This transmitter converts the incoming signal into an RF signal (865-870 MHz), which controls the lamps. This specific frequency ensures a very large range of 300 metres.

The talkback function is another advantage over other systems. Not only do the lights receive information from the AsteraBox, but the light also send information back to the AsteraBox. This makes it possible to read back all kinds of information about the functionality, settings, and
battery status.

The AsteraBox can be connected to a tablet using Bluetooth. After making a connection, you can access a large arsenal of functions in the Astera app:

    • Colours, chases, effects, and groups
    • Anti-Flicker
    • Theft Alarm
    • Enter and Leave Standby


It is also possible to use the AsteraBox as a DMX transmitter. By connecting this transmitter to the light desk using the included DMX adaptor, the light tech will be able to control all
Astera lights via the Avolites, Hog, or Grand MA.

Flicker Free

It’s a familiar scene: to the naked eye, the whole event looks perfect. Everything is taken care of from top to toe, but the camera lens causes all the lights to flicker! This is not only extremely disappointing, but also a huge waste of time and money, as all recordings will be unusable. This effect is caused by LED light sources. Unlike conventional lights, LED lights
are not constantly on. They flicker on and off so quickly that the naked eye can not see it happening. It appears as though the lights are constantly on. However, a camera can and will
‘see’ and record this flickering, making all recorded images useless.

Using the Astera App, you can adjust the speed of the flickering. You can adjust this according to the frame rate that you are filming in. You won’t be able to see the change until you view the recorded material. Instead of seeing irritating flickering, you will see LED spots constantly on, as they appear to the naked eye. This makes the images perfectly useable.

The Astera AX5 cools itself without using a fan. A fan always makes a lot of noise and can be a hindrance when recording in a studio or when being used at events which have a generally low noise level. The AX5 has a special aluminum casing, which allows this light to cool itself easily.

Theft Alarm

Fully wireless lighting promotes ease of use and also creates a professional look at an event. However, it also can encourage theft. The spots are no longer connected with a large system
of cables, meaning that they can theoretically be picked up and taken. Astera has installed motion sensors on all armatures for this very reason. You can turn on this motion sensor
and programme the sensitivity through the Astera App. When the lamp is moved or taken, a siren will go off and the light will flash white to alert you or to scare away a potential thief.

Enter and Leave Standby

Have you set up all the lighting for your event? Is the event only starting tomorrow morning? No problem! Using enter & leave standby you can programme exactly when the lights need to turn on or off. This means that you don’t have to worry about the lighting during your event: it is fully automatic! This is extremely convenient for event managers.

Emergency lighting

One more function then, why not? That must be what Astera thought when they envisioned this. The Astera AX5 can also be used as emergency lighting.

When there is an unexpected power outage during an event, everything is suddenly plunged into darkness, often causing widespread panic. By turning on the emergency light function, you can also using this Astera light as emergency lighting. When there is a power failure, these lights will immediately produce a bright white light bundle, ensuring that the audience never has to sit or stand in a pitch black room. This is a huge advantage and provides peace of mind for your audience. These lights must be connected to a power source in order to use this function.

Tech specs

  • Brand


  • Type

    AX5 TriplePAR

  • Type of LEDs

    45 W - RGBAW - 1080 Lm - 4800 Lx

  • Strobe

    0 - 25 Hz

  • Beam Angle

    13 Degrees

  • Battery

    LG Chem Lithium-ion

  • Battery life

    20 hours

  • Battery charge time

    7 hours

  • Controller

    CRMX - W-DMX- AsteraBox

  • IP Rating


  • Dimensions AX5 TriplePAR

    145 x 190 x 221 mm

  • Weight

    3.4 KG


Astera App

By reserving the AsteraBox, you are opening yourself up to a world of possibilities. Using the included tablet, you can control all Astera lights according to your wishes.


With a removeable brace, extra lenses, waterproof casing, and compact kickstand, this wireless LED TriplePAR is unbelievably versatile.


Wireless LED Spot order

Fully wireless and versatile Astera AX5 TriplePAR LED spot. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

€ 25.00 Excl. VAT