Profile Spot

Infinity TS-300WW (25-50°)

Want to illuminate a specific person or object accurately? This Infinity LED profile spotlight is very suitable for precisely illuminating a person or object.

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Profile Spot

Why use a profile spot instead of only regular theatre spotlights? This is a question we get a lot. This profile spotlight complements the well-known fresnel spotlights very well. At larger conventions and presentations, you simply cannot do without either. They work in a different way and for a different purpose, but they complement each other and work together to create a beautiful final result.

Profile Spot         

In order to understand what a profile spot can do, it’s best to first get have a basic understanding about its ‘family- the fresnel. The purpose of a theatre spot or fresnel is to provide a large surface area with uniform lighting. These lights have a zoom function, but you can’t focus the beam. This means that the light beam will always have blurred edges. There are flaps on the lights in order to be able to adjust the beam, allowing you dictate roughly where you want the light to shine (and where you don’t want any light to shine).

A profile spotlight is meant for more precise illumination of an object, surface or person. Just like the fresnel, the profile spot also has a zoom function, with which you can make the angle of the beam larger or smaller. However, that’s where the similarities end.


A key difference is the focus. With the profile spot’s built-in lenses, you can focus the beam perfectly. By moving the lens forwards or backwards, you can focus the beam. This creates a perfectly sharp edge and you can see exactly where the light begins and ends. This does not necessarily mean that you always have to focus the beam. Unfocused beams are often used for effect.


The profile spotlight also has four blades. These blade cut, as it were, into the light beam, allowing you to illuminate an object or person very precisely. Think of it like this: a light beam is naturally neatly round, but if you want to illuminate a square painting, you will have a lot of excess light around the painting. With the help of these blades you can ‘cut out’ the shape of the painting very precisely, so that light only falls on the painting itself and not around it.


Furthermore the profile spot has an iris. This is comparable with the aperture in a camera. Using the iris you can make the beam smaller. The diameter of the beam decreases, but will stay round. The aperture does not change anything about the set focus, as described above. The aperture ‘winks’ like an eye, as it were, which blocks out part of the light. By blocking part of the light, the light output on the object to be illumated will of course decrease.


Unlike old-fashioned light fittings, this profile spotlight does not use an old-fashioned halogen light source, but a more modern LED. This is not only advantageous in terms of power consumption, but also in terms of speed and ease. This LED profile spot has a complete menu on which settings can be adjusted. Using this menu you can quickly and easily adjust dimmer, DMX mode, and fan settings, among others. The fixture also has a built-in power in/output and 3- and 5-prong DMX in/outputs. Old-fashioned dimmer racks and heavy cabling are things of the past.

The LED profile spotlight has a white LED light source with a colour temperature of 3200 K. This warm white LED source is perfect for illuminating people. This will make them look ‘healthy’ just as a conventional profile spotlight would do. With a CRI value (colour rendering index) of no less than 96, you don’t have to worry about any colour deviation from the LED lighting. It is almost 100% accurate and therefore indistinguishable from natural light with the naked eye.


Usually spotlights are attached to a truss, grid or tube system when being used to illuminate the stage. This means that the spotlights are mounted high up close to the ceiling of the location, so that the speakers on stage are not blinded by the lighting. If the lighting is mounted too low, the light will shine into the eyes of the speakers, causing them to be blinded when looking at the audience. If there are no possibilities to hang up lights at your location, they should be placed on stands.

This means that you are not limited by the possibilities your location offers. The stand can be quickly and easily placed wherever you want it to be. Our stands consist of a compact square base plate with an elegant upright pole. Our stands’ simple and elegant appearance means that they will not look out of place at more chic locations such as conference centres or luxury meeting venues.

Tech specs

  • Brand


  • Type

    TS-300WW 25 - 50 degrees

  • Wattage

    300 Watts

  • Warmup time


  • Type of bulb


  • Color Temperature

    3200 K

  • CRI


  • Focus

    25 - 50 degrees

  • Lamp Weight

    8.8 KG

  • Transport Case Weight

    30 KG

  • Lamp Dimensions

    584 x 541 x 340 mm (L x W x H)

  • Transport Case Dimensions (per 4)

    600 x 600 x 1200 mm (L x W x H)



You can cut the beam very precisely by using the blades. This prevents any light leakage and allows you to light the person or object very precisely.


You can add your own gobos to this profile spot. This allows you to project your own shapes. We recommend allowing around 3 weeks for delivery.


Profile Spot order

Want to illuminate a specific person or object accurately? This Infinity LED profile spotlight is very suitable for precisely illuminating a person or object.

€ 50.00 Excl. VAT