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Kenwood TK-3401D Portable Radio Set

Complete digital walkie-talkie set including charging platform, speaker microphone and ear-piece with PTT functionality. Ready-to-use for riggers, technicians and stagehands.

15.00 excl. VAT


The renowned brand Kenwood is known for its robust and easy-to-use two-way radios.  Professional and amateurs can both operate this set. This is why Kenwood is the number one walkie-talkie provider for events.


One of the key feature’s of this Kenwood TK3401D walkie-talkie is the option to use it analog or digital. This makes is suitable to communicatie with other (older) analog walkie-walkies from Kenwood. This way they can easily be used as an extension to a existing radio system.


Using the TK3401D digitally gives you a lot of benefits. One of which is audio quality, which is far superior to analog models and which remains good even when you are at the border of the operating area. Next to that, there is the new AMBE+2 decoder. This filters out background noise, which is particular use-full in the event scene.

Tech specs

  • Brand


  • Model Radio

    Kenwood TK3401D

  • Model External Speaker Microphone

    Kenwood KMC-45

  • Model Earpiece

    Kenwood EMC-7

  • Frequency

    446.1 to 446.2 MHz

  • Channels


  • Battery Life

    14 hours

  • Weight

    0,45 KG

  • Dimensions (per 6 pieces)

    600 x 400 x 220 mm



We always try to deliver you fully charged two-way radios. To make sure you use the most out of your walkie-talkie set, we recommend to give it another charge before use.



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