Sets rental


TV Hire for workshop or seminar

A workshop is all about discovering new ideas or deepening your understanding within a certain discipline. If you want your audience members to be involved and attentive, you need to present your content in a clear and vivid way. That’s why renting the right TV screen is essential. Whether it’s an LCD, plasma or LED screen, we offer the right screens for every situation, always delivered with a TV stand and ready to use. Want a room with multiple TV screens? No problem. We provide each TV with the same signal, so that the same content can be shown on all screens, visible to all of your audience members.

Exhibition & Convention

Video Equipment Hire for Exhibition & Convention

Looking for a TV screen to display content at a trade show? We offer screens of various sizes, including 40″, 50″, 60″ and 75″. This means we practically always have the right LED screen to provide your event with the atmosphere you want. Our TV screens are always supplied with a stand, so that the screen can always be set up at the right height, both for sitting and standing audience members. This means that you can be totally certain that the message is always being clearly conveyed and the fair or workshop will be a guaranteed success. More advice on renting the right TV for your event? Feel free to contact us.


Video equipment hire for conference

Are you organizing a conference where you’re expecting many visitors? Displaying content clearly and unambiguously for a large number of participants poses a challenge. With the help of an LED wall or pixel wall you can be sure that every participant can see clearly. Video walls actually consist of different LED tiles, creating the illusion of a very large LED screen. Any width and height is possible, making an LED wall the perfect addition to any conference, convention or seminar. We offer various pixel distances for an LED wall. The right pitch depends on the distance between the pixel wall and the audience. Feel free to ask about the possibilities for renting a led wall.

Live Stream

Live Stream Equipment Hire

With technological developments, corporate events are increasingly more internationally orientated. This influences everything about the event itself. Not everybody visits the event in person anymore. It’s either to costly or too time consuming to do so. So how to engage your event audience? A live stream! A live stream makes the event available regardless where-ever your audience is in the world.

With the help of online platforms as Facebook, YouTube or Vimeo an event becomes online available. By adding cameras to the event, the audience experiences the event just like he or she is there in person. We offer remote camera packages in our rental shop that are suitable for any type of live stream.

ICT Support

ICT Support Hire

In addition to all of the audiovisual tools needed for presenting to an audience, ICT accessories are also in demand at a convention or conference. Back offices and production offices often need laptops and printers. Have you already thought about your event’s ‘front-of-house’? A laptop and printer are often needed at the reception desk in order to register all participants. We’re not only here to provide you with screens, projectors and LED walls; you can also come to us when renting all of the ICT and support you need. Can’t find the printer or laptop you need? Feel free to contact us to rent all of the ICT accessories you need.