Projection Screen 220″

AV Stumpfl Monoblox 32 220" (558 cm)

A large projection screen for large venues and events. The massive projection surface has a diagonal of 558 cm.

205.00 Excl. VAT

Projection Screen 220″

Projection screen 220′
A very large projection screen for large productions and events with a projector.
Thanks to a patented system, this projector is very fast and simple to set up and take down,
despite its size. The setup and break down do not even require the use of tools. All you have to do is unfold the
frame, attach your chosen screen using push buttons, and attach the legs with the included bolts.
The screen is then ready to use. Because the screen is stretchy, it is tensed when it is
attached to the frame. A very tightly stretched screen without bubbles and folds is the result.

The projector screen is delivered standard with an aspect screen. This means that you can
project onto it from the front (where the audience is). This allows you to get the most out
of your projector. By using a white projection surface and direct projection, no energy is
wasted. It can be a disadvantage having to place the projector in or behind the audience to
get a good, screen-filling projection.

See through screen
It is also possible to use a see through screen, allowing you to project from the back side
of the screen. This screen allows just the right amount of light through to create a good
projection without allowing excess light through, which could potentially irritate audience
members. This screen eliminates the need to put the projector in your audience, allowing you
to instead stow it behind the screen. In order to create a screen-filling projection, there
must be enough room between the projector and the screen. On top of that, energy will be wasted,
as the projector must project through the screen. Often, a more powerful projector is required
for these projections than for an aspect projection.

This screen is 508 cm wide and 294 cm high. It has a 10 cm black border, making the total
projection surface 488×274 cm (width x height). The screen has an aspect ratio of 16:9, making
it perfect for HD widescreen projections.

Are you unsure if this projection screen will be suitable for your event, or do you want
advice about a suitable projector? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We are more than happy to
provide you with advice.

Tech specs

  • Brand

    AV Stumpfl

  • Model

    Monoblox 32

  • Screen diagonal

    558 cm

  • Screen dimensions

    508 x 294 cm

  • Projection surface dimensions

    488 x 274 cm

  • Aspect ratio


  • Projection screen weight

    31 KG

  • Transport case weight

    15 KG

  • Transport case dimensions

    134 x 38 x 37 cm (L x W x H)


Environmental light

To get the best result from this product, darkening the space is essential. Projectors have a lot of difficulty with the brightness of daylight. In order to get the best colours and clarity, a dark room is absolutely necessary.


Projection Screen 220″ order

A large projection screen for large venues and events. The massive projection surface has a diagonal of 558 cm.

€ 205.00 Excl. VAT