Wireless Event SpotLight

Astera AX10 SpotMAX

The Astera AX10 SpotMax is the market leader among LED spots. Top quality and diverse functionality.

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Wireless Event SpotLight

The Astera AX10 SpotMax is more than an extremely powerful and multifunctional LED spot. By
combining many years of knowledge with new technology and the needs of professional clientele,
the Astera is simply the bee’s knees when it comes to LED spotlights.

This spotlight comes with a built in battery, with a life of up to 20 hours. These LED spots can
communicate completely wirelessly via wireless DMX or the AsteraApp on a tablet. The spot is
waterproof (IP65) making it perfect for outdoor use, without even having to take weather conditions
into account. The battery powered spotlight functions completely with fanlesss cooling and has a
very powerful and reliable 135 watt Phillips LED light source.

All of these features make the Astera AX10 extremely versatile. This spot is very suited to
use at conventions, presentations or business events, as it is extremely high quality. This
includes indirect mood lighting for your location, but also lighting for our stage, banner,
or convention stand. Outdoors, this Astera AX10 with its weather resistant casing (IP65) can
serve as a powerful light source, outstanding for lighting up facades, bridges, and other objects.

Light Source

Under the casing of this Astera AX10 lies a powerful 135 watt light source, consisting of very
high quality Phillips RGBAW LEDs. By combining these LEDs with TruColour calibration, an unbelievably
high level of colour mixing can be attained. This results in not only a very high colour
consistency between batches, but also exact colour temperatures of the LEE filters (CRI91).
Any colour is possible, from red to blue, green to purple. Nothing can’t be done. These spots are
even able to be programmed at a colour temperature of 2700-6500K.


Without accessories, the Astera AX10 projects a sharp light beam of 13 degrees, but this can
be adjusted using the various filters. This allows you to adjust your light beam exactly to
fit your event.

    • No filter: 13 degree beam
    • Flood filter: 30 degree beam
    • Wallwash filter: 46 degree x 17 degree beam
    • Rotating filter: Rotating beam, 46 degrees x 17 degrees


In this day and age, completely wireless functionality is becoming more and more important. It
has become totally unnecessary to lay ugly cables throughout your space. Partially due to the
rapid development of more powerful batteries, it is possible nowadays to power even professional
lighting systems for events using only battery power. This Astera AX10 has an enormouse LG Chem
battery under its shell, which can power the light for up to 20 hours! Allow 7 hours to fully
charge these spotlights.

Seamless Runtime

A very handy feature of this tube is seamless runtime. You can indicate in the app how long
the light needs to function. The Astera AX1 Pixeltube will then adjust the power of the battery
over the indicated period, ensuring that the light will never run out of power during the event.

Wireless communication

The AsteraBox has been designed to help Astera armatures communicate optimally with the controller.
This device functions as a ‘translation machine’ and turns incoming communication into an RF
signal. On top of this, the lights also communicate themselves, meaning that the data from each
light can be read back. This specific frequency serves not only to prevent errors (by not using
the 2.4GHz frequency) but also to increase the range to 300 metres. This box can, of course,
also function on battery power.

The AsteraBox can be used as a wireless DMX transmitter when combined with a light table, but
also works as an interface with a tablet and the AsteraApp. The tablet will then be
coupled with the box using bluetooth. Using the application, you can access some unique functions.

    • Settings of colours, chases, effects (max 32 lights), groups
    • Anti-Flicker
    • Theft alarm
    • Enter and Leave Standby

Theft Alarm

The lighting of the Astera includes a sensor. When the lighting is moved or taken away, a siren
will sound to scare off possible thieves. You can adjust the sensitivity, type, and alarm delay
completely according to your wishes using the AsteraApp.

Enter & Leave Standby

After completing installation, all lights can be set to standby mode and set to automatically
light up when the event begins. This means that there will be no battery wasteage. These settings
can be manually or automatically (at programmed times) activated.

Emergency Lighting

An amusing and convenient feature of this product is the ’emergency light’. It can happen that
an electrical blackout occurs during an event. This will often result in a dark space where
panic can easily break out. When this product is connected to the electrical network, they can
spring to life when the electricity dies. This makes it possible for this product to automatically
produce a bright white light source when a blackout occurs. This ensures that your audience
will never be left in the dark. No reason to panic!

Tech specs

  • Brand


  • Model

    AX10 Event Spotlight

  • Type of LEDs


  • Strobe


  • Beam Angle

    13 degrees

  • Battery

    LG Chem Lithium-Ion

  • Battery life

    20 hours

  • Battery Charge Time

    7 hours

  • Control

    CRMX - W-DMX- AsteraBox

  • IP Rating


  • Dimensions AX-10 EventSpotlight

    279 x 296 x 253mm

  • Weight

    7,98 KG


Astera App

The control possibilities of this tube are endless, thanks to the Astera App. The Astera APp is available for Android tablets and telephones.

Illuminating Buildings

Use the Astera AX10 to illuminate a facade, object, or building. The powerful light beam will light up the surface.


Wireless Event SpotLight order

The Astera AX10 SpotMax is the market leader among LED spots. Top quality and diverse functionality.

€ 40.00 Excl. VAT