Schuko Multisocket 4-way 1,8 Meters

Schuko Multisocket 4-way 1.8 metres

Power strip with 4 outlets and a 1.8m long cable. Ideal for connecting multiple devices at the end of an extension cable.

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Schuko Multisocket 4-way 1,8 Meters

Would you like to connect multiple audiovisual devices to a single extension cable? This can easily be done with our power strip with 4 Schuko connections and a cable length of 1.8 metres. A power strip is very handy when equipment is positioned close together, such as in a truss or backstage. Since the cable length is only 1.8 metres, it’s not very common to connect it directly to a socket. It’s more common to connect this power strip to an extension cable, perhaps to power multiple devices. Is the cable length of this power strip too short for you? Then you can also look at the strip with a 5 metre long cable.

Power strip properties

Unlike the cores of our extension cables, this connector block has 1.5mm thick cores. This may seem disadvantageous, but that isn’t the case. Both cables with 1.5mm2 and 2.5mm2 cores are fully loadable up to a maximum of 16A. However, a cable with thicker wires is better able to transport currents over a longer distance without overheating. This connector block can therefore best be used at the end of a power line to create more Schuko connections. Think, for example, of a backstage area where a lot of equipment needs to be connected. However, this power strip also works well in a truss, where lighting and speakers need to be connected.


If you want to use electrical work equipment commercially, an annual inspection of multi-socket outlets is required. This inspection is designed to increase the safety of said work equipment, but also guarantees the quality of the cabling. Our multiple socket outlets/power strips and power distribution boards are subjected to this NEN3140 inspection every year. This means you can be 100% sure that you’re getting a safe and reliable power strip.


Whilst other cabling comes with a special colour-coded cable tie, this strip does not. With a cable length of only 1.8 metres, it is easier to loop it, rather than cable tie it, during transport. For extra safety, we recommend that you plug this strip’s plug into one of its own sockets, so that there are no protruding parts during transport. This will minimise the risk of damage during transport.

Tech specs

  • Brand


  • Model

    H05VV-F 3G1.5

  • Length

    1.8 metres

  • Colour


  • Connector A

    Schuko Male

  • Connector B

    Multisocket 4-way

  • Examination


  • Safety Standard


  • Weight

    0.4 KG


Longer Cable length

Is a 1.8m long cable not sufficient for your purposes? Then take a look at our multi-socket power strip with a cable length of 5 metres via the related items at the bottom of this page.


Make sure that the plug is plugged into the socket during transport. This reduces the risk of damage during transport.

Schuko Multisocket 4-way 1,8 Meters order

Power strip with 4 outlets and a 1.8m long cable. Ideal for connecting multiple devices at the end of an extension cable.

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