Schuko 5 Meters

Schuko Extension cable 5 metres

Ideal extension cable for connecting products to the mains. Equipped with 2-way connector block for use as a daisy-chain.

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Schuko 5 Meters

Are you planning to rent audiovisual equipment from us? Then these materials will be delivered with a corresponding power cable. This allows you to connect the device directly to the mains. However, sockets aren’t always available at a short distance from the device. The supplied cable is often no longer than 2 metres in length. The solution? Use an extension cable. This will extend the reach of your device’s power cable.

Extension cable features

This extension cable has a length of 5 metres and is equipped with wires which are 2.5mm in diametre. This is thicker than you might be accustomed to if you’re used to standard extension cables from an average DIY store. However, this thickness is necessary for larger events. A thicker cable has the ability to transport more current without overheating. This allows you to safely attach multiple extension cables to each other. Our Schuko cables can be loaded with 16 amps up to a length of 50 metres.

In order to guarantee a safe working environment during events, all of our electrical work equipment is subjected to a mandatory NEN3140 inspection every year. This also includes this 5-metre extension cable, so you can be sure that you can be completely sure that this Schuko cable is safe for use.

Colour coding

We offer extension cables of several lengths. Each length has its own colour coding in the form of a cable tie. We use blue for cables which are 5 metres long. This allows you to quickly and easily see exactly how long the cable is. The blue cable tie also has another function: because they are equipped with Velcro, they keep the rolled-up cable together during transport. This keeps the cable neat and tidy and preserves its quality. When you need to use the cable, the cable tie can of course easily be loosened.

Are you looking for a different length? We can help you out. If you take a look through the related items at the bottom of this page you will also find our other cables which are 3, 10 and 20 metres long.

Tech specs

  • Brand


  • Model

    H07RN 3G2.5

  • Length

    5 metres

  • Colour


  • Connector A

    Schuko Male

  • Connector B

    Multisocket 2-way

  • Examination


  • Safety Standard


  • Weight

    1.2 KG



We always deliver the cables neatly rolled up. This means that when they are returned, they must also be returned in the same condition. If they are delivered in a different state than when they were delivered, extra costs will be incurred.


This extension cable is only suitable for use at indoor events. These cables aren’t water-resistant enough for outdoor use.

Schuko 5 Meters order

Ideal extension cable for connecting products to the mains. Equipped with 2-way connector block for use as a daisy-chain.

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