Pioneer XDJ-700

Compact Pioneer XDJ Media Player

A basic yet extensive starter model Media Player. Plays all your music from a USB stick.

30.00 Excl. VAT

Pioneer XDJ-700

The Pioneer XDJ-700 is small yet full of possibilities. This entry level player’s layout is exactly the same way as the higher level Pioneer setups like the Pioneer CDJ-2000.

This makes it easy, even for the beginner, to get started with this player. This player is designed for DJs by DJs, making this unit suitable for club DJs as well as mobile DJs.


This XDJ plays all music from the USB stick input. Playing music from CD’s belongs to the past and therefore this XDJ-700 does not have a CD slot.

You can plug the USB stick in on the top side of this player, allowing the player to play all of the audio files on the stick. This player is compatible with all USB sticks as long as they are formatted FAT 32. USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 sticks will function fine.

To get the most out of this XDJ-700, use the special Rekordbox app to manage and play your favourite tunes. Next to managing your music library, you can prepare your sets with cues, loops and analysis. This way you are optimal prepared for your DJ performance.

Complete DJ Set with the XDJ-700

It’s possible to rent this XDJ-700 unit on its own, or in a complete DJ set (DJ set 1). In our DJ set 1, two XDJ-700 players are combined with a Pioneer DJM-450 DJ mixer. A basic mixer, perfect for small parties and other events. Together with a basic DJ booth, this is the perfect start for a DJ performance.

Tech specs

  • Brand


  • Model


  • Wattage

    19 Watts

  • Audio input


  • Audio output


  • XDJ-700 weight

    2.7 KG

  • XDJ-700 dimensions

    239 x 308 x 79 (W x D x H)

  • Transport case weight

    4 KG

  • Transport case dimensions

    280 x 400 x 190 mm (W x D x H)



These players are very sensitive to moisture. Never keep drinks in the vicinity of the XDJs.

USB Sticks

Make sure your USB sticks are formatted FAT32. Otherwise you have the chance that the XDJ-700 won't be able to read them.


Pioneer XDJ-700 order

A basic yet extensive starter model Media Player. Plays all your music from a USB stick.

€ 30.00 Excl. VAT