HWC has new projectors!

The renowned brand Epson, you most likely know for their printers, smart glasses and robots. However, Epson is also a supplier of professional projectors. With the new3LCD panels and laser lightunit, Epson produced a very competitive line of projectors. These qualities deliver, in contrast with the standard DLP projectors, a ultra-clear projection with high contrast values. These innovative developments don’t only affect the colour quality of the projection, but also make sure the environment lighting has less impact on the visibility.

3LCD Technologie
With the Epson’s 3LCD-technology, you have, even with daylight, vivid colours in WUXGA-resolution. This projector, with newly developed anorganic phosphorwheel, delivers superior lux- and heatresistance, which adds to the reliability of the projector. With this improvements, Epson lifts the level of visual experience. With the new 4K-improvements, to the professional (7000 and 12.000 lux projector) projectors, the projection is exceptionally sharp and clear.

With the use of lasertechnology, the Epson projectors are not only energy-efficient but also reliable. The laser lightunit has a life between the 20.000 and 30.000 hours. These values are higher than DLP projectors which often only have a life of 2.000 till 4.000 hours. Quite the difference.

Rental Stock
HWC Events & Rental has three types of projector in the rental fleet, which all serve their own part of the AV market.
The smallest projector is the Epson EB-U04. This compact projector is very suitable for meetings, internal presentations and break-out rooms during exhibitions and conferences. With it’s WUXGA-resolution, it projectors images in full HD resolution (1920 x 1200 pixels). The Epson EB-U04 has HDMI, VGA, Composite and S-video connections. All you need from a small projector.

Are you looking for a more powerful projector for a professional presentation? Then we recommend the Epson EB-G7905U. This 7000 lux projector delivers optimal performances for mid-size events, conferences, seminars and exhibitions.  This projector has the following connections: Composite, VGA, DVI-D and HDMI input. For video-signal distribution over a longer range, we recommend to use SDI cables and converters. In our Rental Shop, you can easily add these to your rental inquiry.

For large scale events we recommend the Epson L-1505 projector. This is a powerful 12.000 lux projector. This projector has Composite, VGA, DVI-D and SDI inputs. This projector has exceptional geometric options, horizontal and vertical keystone and corner correction that help you to fill the projection-surface to the last inch.

We’d be happy to help you with all your questions about projection for your project.