Astera Products? Now available!

In a time wherein technical developments are occurring in such a rap tempo, it is very important for us to keep up and innovate our own product assortment. With the current developments of batteries and the increasing number of ways to use them, Astera is innovating and making use. This means that more and more event lighting can be battery powered!

With an internal power source, these lights can be used without power cables. This has many practical advantages. It saves a large amount of set up and breakdown time, but also looks much neater and can be used in more ways.

German brand Astera has specialised in the development of fully wireless lighting for professional events. Their products are known for having an unbelievable number of functions, robust casing, and control system. With a compact assortment of versatile armatures, Astera has created a world of wireless lighting possibilities for event managers and light designers. Astera’s products also have an enormously long battery life. All of their lights can function for up to 20 hours uninterrupted on one charge. All of these traits make Astera’s lighting extremely versatile and multipurpose. This inspired HWC Events & Rental to further invest in wireless lighting with these products.

On top of being highly versatile, Astera productsalso come with a large arsenal of accessories. With many filters, braces, and foldable stands, these products are the ultimate for:

    • Lighting facades, bridges, and buildings
    • Creating atmosphere at dinners, get togethers, and weddings
    • Lighting a stage or objects at presentations, conventions, and workshops

    The Astera AX1 is a decorative LED tube which can be used in an unbelievable number of ways. This tube is very well-loved by creative types. Lighting designers, gallery owners, and artists all love this product. Thanks in part to the included attachment modules, one can be very creative in designing lighting. Horizontal, vertical, diagonal, upright, on the ground, or hanging. Nothing is too crazy, and anything is possible. And, of course, these lights function completely wirelessly. You do not need a single cable.

    It is impossible to nail down a specific target group or setting for this product. The possibilities are simply endless. With a bit of creativity you can use this tube anywhere: dinner shows, a red carpet opening, company party, drinks, festival, dance performance, or a business convention. Your creativity is the only limiting factor.

    The Astera AX3 is affectionately known as ‘puck’, as in the hard plastic disc used in ice hockey. This describes the small size of this light. This doesn’t mean that it lacks power! This spot competes with much larger spots by competing brands.

    It is possible to place this light on the ground using the innovative foot. On top of this, the foot also doubles as a brace for mounting the AX3 on a truss or wall. This product also has a magnet on the back to mount it on metal surfaces. It simply is not possible to mount a product any quicker and easier than this.

    Thanks to its compact format, no space is too small for this spot. These AX3s are often used at small gatherings, weddings, museums, exhibitions, or locations where spots shouldn’t be too noticeable. These spots are also often used as decoration. You can even use this puck under a table or a bottle of champagne, thanks to its small size!

    The AX10 is a real powerhouse. This very strong spot has unparalleled output and is often used to light facades, buildings, bridges, and fountains. With an IP65 certification, these spots are not influenced by any kind of weather. They can be used outdoors in the rain or in a blizzard, just like all of the products in Astera’s line.

    This spot is also suitable for use indoors. They can be used for lighting a stage during a dinner show. On top of this, the AX10 is also outstanding for creating atmosphere by placing them next to walls or by illuminating various items without needing to be connected to power.

    Want to know more?
    Do you want more information about the wireless lighting by Astera? Do you want to know how this lighting can be used at your event? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to provide you with advice.