XLR 5 Meters

XLR 3P Male/Female 5 meters

5 metres in length, this is the ideal XLR cable for connecting professional lighting to DMX.

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XLR 5 Meters

The XLR cable may well be the most used signal cable in the audio-visual industry. Maybe you’ve used this cable to connect a microphone at a concert? This cable is suitable for much more than just use with microphones. It’s suitable for all kinds of audio purposes, including connecting speakers, amps, interfaces and, with the right adapter, even telephones. You can also use these cables to control professional lighting. These cables are compatible with typical DMX protocol.

XLR Properties

This XLR cable is 5 metres long, which makes it very suitable as a loop, for example to link active speakers which are next to one another. It can also be used to connect different armatures which need to be controlled via DMX.

Our XLR cables are manufactured from the C128 cable from Tasker. This supplier is well-loved by many audio-visual companies thanks to their high-quality cables. They’re well made, not easily damaged and are very sustainable in use. Each end of the cable is fitted with a 3 prong XLR connector from Neutrik; this is, in fact, the only fully accepted connector in the entire industry. As the sole supplier, they’ve managed to develop sufficiently robust plugs. It’s not a problem to stand on them or to roll a flight case over them. Connectors made by their competitors always get warped and can’t be used again. That never happens with Neutrik connectors.


We always deliver cables neatly coiled up. This reduces the chance of damage during transport. After the rental period is over, we expect to receive these cables coiled up and clean. You wouldn’t like to receive dirty cables, and neither do our other clients.

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Tech specs

  • Brand


  • Model


  • Length

    5 metres

  • Colour Cable


  • Colour Connectors


  • Connector A

    XLR Male

  • Connector B

    XLR Female

  • Weight

    0.30 KG



Since they do not possess the typical 110 Ohm resistance, our XLR cables aren’t suitable for use in combination with AES/EBU signals.

Other length?

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XLR 5 Meters order

5 metres in length, this is the ideal XLR cable for connecting professional lighting to DMX.

€ 0.50 Excl. VAT