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Shure Axient Dual Receiver

Shure Axient Digital AD4D Dual Receiver

Looking for the best dual receiver for wireless microphones? This Shure Axient receiver offers all the possibilities you could hope for.

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Shure Axient Dual Receiver

Axient Digital is the new flagship wireless microphone system. This system has evolved from earlier successes of systems such as the UHF-R and ULX-D. Once again Shure has managed to develop the most advanced platform ever for unbelievable wireless sound transmission. For professional productions which require faultless performance, the Shure Axient Digital offers everything a technician could dream of. Unparalleled signal stability, crisp audio, flexible hardware options, advanced connectivity, and extensive control are some of the core functions of the Shure Axient.

Thanks to the extremely extensive possibilities, the Shure Axient Digital products are actually only suitable for use by professionals. Do you have limited knowledge of wireless microphone systems? Then we recommend using the more user-friendly Sennheiser systems.


Because of the ever-growing number of wireless signals, the available RF-spectrum is increasingly under pressure. The reliability and performance suffer because of this. The Axient transmitters and receivers have a usable bandwidth of 184 MHz (470-636 MHz). It’s possibile to use up to 17 transmitters simultaneously per 6 MHz- television frequency (23 per 8 MHz television frequency). In High Density Mode it is even possible to increase this number to 47 transmitters per 6 MHz television frequency (63 per 8 MHz television frequency).


Since this system functions fully digitally, it is theoretically possible to hack it. This makes it possible to tap the system and listen remotely. For events where sensitive or confidential information is being discussed, we are able to deliver an AES256 encryption. This makes hacking this system impossible.

Wireless Workbench

Axient Digital works, of course, with Wireless Workbench. This makes it possible to configure and control the wireless microphone system from a distance (or even wirelessly). This makes setting up wireless microphones in different rooms much easier.


Keep in mind that you will need both a transmitter(s) and a receiver(s) in order for this system to function. This product only includes a dual receiver. In order to use this system you must order the correct transmitter.

Tech specs

  • Brand


  • Model

    Axient Digital AD4D

  • Purpose


  • Frequency

    470 - 636 Mhz

  • Type of Mic


  • Channels


  • Wattage

    163 watt

  • Connections

    XLR, AES3, Dante

  • Max. SPL

    120 dB

  • Dimensions

    541 x 635 x 185 mm (W x D x H)

  • Weight

    4,6 kg


Ready to use

In order to use the Shure Axient right away you must rent a transmitter and a receiver! Because of the multitude of possibilities, we rent these items separately.



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