PowerCON Link Cable

PowerCon Link Cable 3 metres

The perfect power cable for daisy-chaining power to multiple devices with PowerCON inputs and outputs.

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PowerCON Link Cable

This is a special cable which is in fact only used in the audio-visual industry. In addition, this cable can only be used in combination with specific equipment and for a specific purpose. This means that you may not always need this cable. It can only be used with equipment that has a gray PowerCON chassis. The chassis has enough voltage to quickly and easily provide your devices with power. Since your voltage is, as it were, is going to be drawn from another device, it is no longer necessary for each device to plug into a power outlet. This type of connection can be found on confetti shooters, fresnels and various speakers in our rental range.

PowerCON Properties

This cable has a PowerCON connector on both ends. Each end is a different colour. One end has a light blue connector, whilst the other side is gray. The blue connector is always live (provided the other end is connected). It can also only be connected to a blue chassis socket. The other side has a grey connector. This connector has no voltage, but on the grey socket there will be (provided that the device is powered). The gray connector can also only be connected to the gray socket. A blue connector will simply not fit in a grey socket, and vice versa.

Connecting this loop cable is actually very simple. Imagine that you have a booth with 8 fresnels. These are only equipped with both a blue and a gray PowerCON chassis. Simply connect one fresnel with the power cable to the wall socket. The other end goes into the blue socket on the lamp. The other lights are connected to one another using this link cable. Connect the grey connector to the grey chassis and the blue connector to the blue chassis. It really is that simple and efficient.


Our cables are inspected annually in accordance with the NEN3140 standard. This is specifically for electrical work equipment and is meant to ensure its safety. You can rest assured that all of our electrical work equipment is both safe and reliable.

Does your device only have a blue connection? Then take a look at our power cable, which you connect directly to the mains. This makes a grey chassis redundant.

Tech specs

  • Brand


  • Model


  • Length

    3 metres

  • Colour Cable


  • Colour Connector In


  • Colour Connector Out


  • Connector A

    PowerCON White

  • Connector B

    PowerCON Blue

  • Weight

    0.33 KG



This PowerCON loop cable is only suitable for devices with a grey connection. This connection has enough voltage to transfer power to another device using a PowerCON connection.


You can only use this loop cable indoors. These connectors are not weatherproof; they don’t handle moisture very well.

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The perfect power cable for daisy-chaining power to multiple devices with PowerCON inputs and outputs.

€ 0.45 Excl. VAT