PowerCON Cable

PowerCON 3 metres

Specific power cable for audiovisual equipment using a PowerCON connection. This cable can lock, guaranteeing a perfect connection.

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PowerCON Cable

Some audiovisual devices have a specific power connection. This is often necessary in order to provide extra reliability and safety when compared with a standard connection, such as a device cable or Euro cable. In many cases you’ll come across a PowerCon connection from Neutrik. You can recognize this connection by its light blue colour and unusual shape. This connection is used by various items in our rental shop, including confetti shooters, fresnels and various speakers.

PowerCON Properties

Not an AV professional? Then we understand only too well that you may not be familiar with this type of connection. You won’t come across this type of connection in everyday life or with devices in your own home. This blue PowerCON connection is basically only meant for professional use.

This connection is secured once connected- you cannot just pull this plug out. When connecting, slide the blue connector into the corresponding blue chassis socket on the device. Then you have to turn the blue connector a quarter turn to the right. You will hear a slight click, after which the connector is locked in place. Turning to the left or right is no longer possible and pulling it out is not possible either, so you can be sure of a solid connection that will not just come loose out of nowhere. Since the wires in both the connector on the cable and the chassis socket in the device are positioned on the inside, this connection is also very safe. You can’t just touch the pins at the point where the voltage is applied. At the other end of this cable you will find a connection that will lookg more familiar: a normal Schuko plug which you can connect to any power outlet.


Professional cables aren’t cheap. If you choose to use high quality plugs, connectors and cabling, the price goes up quickly. That’s why it’s so important to us that you treat our cables properly. Are you renting cables from us? We will always deliver them to you clean and rolled up. We expect these cables to be returned in the same condition. The next renter expects the same quality as you and we think that that’s only fair. If you return them to us tangled up and/or dirty, we will have no choice but to bill you for the cleaning costs.

Are you looking for a link cable with PowerCON connectors? Take a look at our special link cable.

Tech specs

  • Brand


  • Model


  • Length

    3 metres

  • Colour Cable


  • Colour Connector


  • Connector A

    Schuko Male

  • Connector B

    PowerCON Blue

  • Examination


  • Weight

    0.34 KG



The blue and grey PowerCON connections are not splash/waterproof. Use them only at indoor location and never outdoors.


Using PowerCON connectors it is also possible to extract power from a device instead of just plugging it in. In order to do this, we need to provide the device with a grey connector. Would you like to make use of this? Take a look at the link cable via the related items at the bottom of this page.

PowerCON Cable order

Specific power cable for audiovisual equipment using a PowerCON connection. This cable can lock, guaranteeing a perfect connection.

€ 0.45 Excl. VAT