Harting 20 metres

Harting 16P Male/Female 20 metres

With a length of 20 metres, this is the ideal multicable to use for creating voltage or dimming voltage on a truss.

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Harting 20 metres

This multicable fulfils a function within the audiovisual industry that should not be underestimated. For years, this cable has been indispensable at events. Despite the technical changes occurring in the current zeitgeist, the harting cable invariably remains a reliable old standard. Its function may have changed, but this cable is still extremely suitable for many events. In the past, this cable was mainly used to transport special dimming voltage for conventional spotlights. Nowadays, Harting is more often used for distributing mains voltage of 230V.


This specific multicable is 20 metres long. This allows you to use this harting cable perfectly for creating power points on top of a truss which is equipped with lights and/or speakers. You can also use this harting perfectly for looping through voltage from break out box to break out box. This is mainly useful in larger truss constructions, where equipment is hung further apart.

Internally, this cable has no fewer than 16 cores with a diametre of 2.5mm2. Thanks to these cores, this cable can really handle a lot. There are also versions with thinner 1.5mm2 cores. This cable is less suitable for heavy loads. Because of the thinner cores, there is more heat generation, which is asking for problems. Our harting cabling can be fully loaded up to a maximum of 16A per wire pair with complete peace of mind. There’s simply no need to worry about the production of heat, as the 2.5mm2 wires are specially designed to carry this amount of current.

Cable Use

We place a lot of importance on the handling of our cabling. That’s why we take great care of our cables so that we can provide our clients with reliable power distribution, for example. Our cables will always be delivered to you neatly coiled up and clean. We expect them to be returned in the same condition. If this is not the case, extra costs may be incurred.

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Tech specs

  • Brand


  • Model


  • Length

    20 metres

  • Colour


  • Connector A

    Harting 16p Male

  • Connector B

    Harting 16p Female

  • Examination


  • Safety Standard


  • Weight

    16.0 KG

Harting 20 metres order

With a length of 20 metres, this is the ideal multicable to use for creating voltage or dimming voltage on a truss.

€ 6.00 Excl. VAT