CAT5 10 metres

CAT5 UTP Ethernet 10 metres

UTP network cable for connecting audiovisual devices, linking various DJ gear or connecting a laptop to the internet.

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CAT5 10 metres

It’s possible at many events to use a network connection. This hasn’t always been the case. Over the decades, it’s become more and more possible to connect to a network. After the rise of smartphones, wifi connections have become indispensable. However, a wireless internet connection is not always ideal. The network needs to offer excellent coverage and even then, this is no guarantee of success. This why we opt for the reliability and speed of a wired internet connection. We do this using a CAT5 network cable.

CAT5 Properties

This CAT5 cable, also known as the CAT5e cable, is a common network cable equipped with the well-known RJ-45 connectors. These connectors are connected to about 8 wires. Each connector has a handy click system so that you can’t accidentally pull the cable out of a device or keystone module. However, you can easily remove the cable by pressing the tab. However, it’s not possible to extend this type of cable Both sides of this CAT5e cable have a male connector. It’s crucial that you carefully consider what length of cable you will need.


The thin wires found inside network cables are very vulnerable. That is why we provide our network cables with a cable tie. When we deliver these to you, you will receive the cables rolled up. This allows you to transport our cables neatly. Of course, we expect the cables to be returned in the same condition. Please note that if this is not the case, extra costs may be incurred. Are you renting multiple network cables from us? You’ll easily be able to tell the cables apart when you are on location, as we colour code the cable ties. This 10 metre cable, just like all other 10 metre cables in our assortment, will come with a red cable tie.

Not the right length for your event? Take a look through the related items at the bottom of this page to find 3, 5 and 20 metre long versions of the same cable.

Tech specs

  • Brand


  • Model


  • Length

    10 metres

  • Colour Cable


  • Colour Connector


  • Connector A

    RJ-45 Male

  • Connector B

    RJ-45 Male

  • Weight

    0.18 KG



Some laptops or MacBooks are no longer equipped with an RJ-45 network port by default. In this case, a special adapter is required to connect this computer to a network. Please take this into account prior to the event.


Despite the RJ-45 connectors, it’s not a problem to connect this cable to the EtherCON connectors commonly found on audiovisual equipment.

CAT5 10 metres order

UTP network cable for connecting audiovisual devices, linking various DJ gear or connecting a laptop to the internet.

€ 4.00 Excl. VAT