Wireless LED PixelTube

Astera AX1 Wireless PixelTube

The Astera AX1 PixelTube is a powerful and fully wireless LED tube which can be used at all kinds of events and filming locations. It is a multi-faceted device which has countless applications. The only limiting factor is your own creativity!

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Wireless LED PixelTube

The Astera AX1 has a battery, allowing the PixelTube to function for up to 20 hours. If there are no power cables needed, it is convenient that the Pixeltube can also communicate wirelessly. This light can communicate using the remote controle, wireless DMX, or the AsteraApp on a tablet. On top of this, this tube is suitable for use in daylight (IP65). This means you don’t have to make allowances for the weather, be it rain or snow. The light is capable of cooling itself without a fan, and contains a powerful 28 watt RGBW light source.

All of the above features make this Astera AX1 an extremely versatile product. Made by a German company, this product is very high quality and can be used at conferences, presentations, or other business events. You can, for example, use this pixeltube as indirect mood lighting to dress up your location, but also as a creative addition to a stage or a festival. Outdoors this Astera AX1, thanks to its weather resistant casing (IP65), is very useful as a creative addition to a red carpet or to illuminate a facade.

Light Source

There is a powerful 28 watt light source made up of very high quality Phillips RGBW LEDs hiding under the shell of the Astera AX1. The LEDs are divided into 16 segments, which can be controlled independently of each other. The tube has a 180 degree light reach. By combining this light source with TruColour calibration, you can create unbelievably high quality colour mixing.

This ensures not only a very equal colour consistency between different batches, but also exact colour temperatures from the LEE filters (CRI 88). Every colour is possible, from red to
blue, from green to purple. Nothing is impossible. This tube can even be programmed to colour temperatures from 2700K to 6500K.

Flicker Free

Content is king. That’s why many events are recorded on video. The combination of LED lights and cameras can often lead to problems. There was absolutely no problem when still using old fashioned bulbs, but LED lights are not always on. This type of lighting flickers extremely quickly. This is not to be seen with the human eye, but cameras can often have problems with it.

Using the AsteraApp, you can set the frequency between 200 and 1205 Hz. Simply fill in the framerate of the cameras, and the framerate will automatically be adjusted. It is of course also possible to manually set the frame rate so that they sync with each other.

As mentioned earlier, the Astera AX1 pixeltube has fanless cooling. These tubes will not produce any sound during your presentation, workshop, or recording. They function in complete silence and will not cause any irritating static at business events.


Nowadays, it’s possible to drive cars running on battery power! Professional event lighting can’t fall behind. HWC Events & Rentals is heading up the race in terms of wireless lighting.
Astera is an outstanding partner thanks to their forward-thinking and high quality lighting. Wireless lighting gets rid of the need for ugly cables. With the fast development of more
powerful batteries, it is possible to provide professional lighting for events which runs on just one battery.

This Astera AX1 has a compact LG Chem battery which allows the light to function for 20 hours. To fully charge this tube, allow 7 hours charge time.

Seamless Runtime

A very handy feature of this tube is seamless runtime. You can indicate in the app how long the light needs to function. The Astera AX1 Pixeltube will then adjust the power of the battery over the indicated period, ensuring that the light will never run out of power during the event.

Wireless Communication

Making a light work without a power cable is simple, but for true user-friendliness, wireless controlling is just as important. Astera has designed its own interface for this purpose:
the AsteraBox. This device works as a kind of link between the Astera lights and the controller. The AsteraBox changes incoming signals into an RF signal (865-870 MHz), which the lights react to. On top of this, the lights also communicate themselves, meaning that the data from each light can be read back. This specific frequency serves not only to prevent errors (by not using the 2.4GHz frequency) but also to increase the range to 300 metres. This box can, of course, also function on battery power.

The AsteraBox can be used as a wireless DMX transmitter when combined with a light table, but also works as an interface with an Android tablet and the AsteraApp. The tablet will then be coupled with the box using bluetooth. Using the application, you can access some unique functions.

    • Colours, chases, effects, and groups
    • Anti-Flicker
    • Theft Alarm
    • Enter and Leave Standby

Theft Alarm

The lighting of the Astera includes a sensor. When the lighting is moved or taken away, a siren will sound to scare off possible thieves. You can adjust the sensitivity, type, and alarm delay completely according to your wishes using the AsteraApp.

Enter & Leave Standby

After completing installation, all lights can be set to standby mode and set to automatically light up when the event begins. This means that there will be no battery wasteage. These settings can be manually or automatically (at programmed times) activated.

Emergency Lighting

An amusing and convenient feature of this product is the ’emergency light’. It can happen that an electrical blackout occurs during an event. This will often result in a dark space where
panic can easily break out. When this product is connected to the electrical network, they can spring to life when the electricity dies. This makes it possible for this product to automatically produce a bright white light source when a blackout occurs. This ensures that your audience will never be left in the dark. No reason to panic!

Tech specs

  • Brand


  • Model

    AX1 Wireless Pixeltube

  • Type of LED

    28W - RGBW - 695 Lm

  • Strobe

    0 - 25 Hz

  • Beam Angle

    180 Degrees

  • Battery

    LG Chem Lithium-ion

  • Battery life

    20 hours

  • Battery Charge Time

    7 hours

  • Control

    CMRX - W-DMX - AsteraBox

  • IP Rating


  • Dimensions AX-1 Pixeltube

    Ø42 x 1035mm

  • Weight

    1 KG



The control possibilities of this tube are endless, thanks to the Astera App. The Astera App is available for Android/Apple tablets and telephones.


Every tube is delivered with a fitting foot for vertical placement on the ground, but also with an eye and clamps for hanging vertically and horizontally.


Wireless LED PixelTube order

The Astera AX1 PixelTube is a powerful and fully wireless LED tube which can be used at all kinds of events and filming locations. It is a multi-faceted device which has countless applications. The only limiting factor is your own creativity!

€ 25.00 Excl. VAT