43″ Touchscreen Set

Samsung 43" Full HD Touchscreen Set

A complete Touchscreen set. The screen has a diagonal of 108 cm (43”). Perfect for any exhibition or conference setup.

225.00 Excl. VAT

43″ Touchscreen Set

43′ Touchscreen Set
Video and other visual material can be seen more and more often at all sort of events. With its
compact stand, you can almost always place the screen wherever you need it to be. External light
and disturbing reflections aren’t an issue with this set. Thanks to the extremely high brightness,
images are always crisp and clearly visible. Touchscreen displays on stands are often used
at conventions, presentations, seminars, and conferences.

Complete Package
Our 43′ (108 cm diagonal) Full HD LED Touchscreen on the included stand is a completely ready
to use package. Additional products and accessories are not necessary.

Our touchscreen sets are always delivered with a power cable and and a 10 metre long HDMI
cable. This allows you to connect the screen to the HDMI output of your Windows laptop or
computer. With the included power cable, you will always be able to power the TV, even if the
closest power socket is a little bit further than you had wished for.

Do you not have an HDMI connection on your playback device? No problem! Video signals such as
mini-HDMI, DVI-D, VGA and Thunderbolt are also compatible with this product. Please let us know
when renting which video signal you want to use. Then we can offer the correct, and in some cases
additional, cables.

In order to allow this touch screen to function properly, you always have to connect the included
USB cable to your laptop. This cabling ensures that your laptop always receives a signal, so
that it knows where you are touching the touchscreen. Your laptop translates the touch
internally into a mouse click or movement, allowing you to control the displayed media.

Be aware: Touch screens only function with laptops and computers with a Windows operating
system. Apple computers and laptops unfortunately do not support this functionality.
We can, of course, supply you with the necessary Windows laptop(s).

Setup and breakdown
To avoid problems with connecting the touchscreen, we always recommend letting HWC Events &
Rental set up the screen and the stand. This ensures that the product will be set up in a
safe and professional way. The cost of this service is only €75,- and can be added to the
shopping cart.

Tech specs

  • Brand


  • Model

    ProLite TF4338MSC-B1AG

  • Wattage

    75 Watts

  • Screen height

    58,8 cm

  • Screen width

    98,8 cm

  • Screen diagonal

    109 cm

  • Included cables

    HDMI (10 metres) + Schuko (10 metres) + USB (5 metres)

  • Playable media

    HDMI (2x), DVI-D (1x) and VGA (1x) via Windows computer

  • TV weight

    21,6 KG

  • Transport case dimensions (TV+stand)(Per 2)

    1200 x 600 x 1000 (L x W x H)


Wall mounting

Do you want to fully integrate your screen into your stand or event? We can deliver a special wall brace so that wall mounting is possible. Please inquire for the possibilities.


This touch screen comes standard with the stand in the image. This allows you to place the screen in any space or corner, allowing it to be controlled by any user.

43″ Touchscreen Set order

A complete Touchscreen set. The screen has a diagonal of 108 cm (43”). Perfect for any exhibition or conference setup.

€ 225.00 Excl. VAT